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Readers Respond: What Happened When You Tried to Buy a Shenzhen Visa?

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From the article: Shenzhen Visa
The availability of Shenzhen Visas are very fluid and it can very frustrating trying to find accurate information. We try to keep the information above as up to date as possible. To do so, we rely on you to let us know your experiences in obtaining a Shenzhen Visa and crossing the border. Are you British and you weren't granted a visa? Or American, and you were? Were you charged HK$100 or HK$1000? Was the office closed on Sunday? Let us know. Or, if you have a question, pop it into the box. Share Your Experiences

No Problem

No problem to get the visa within 5 min. 168 RMB for Germans at LoWu border. (26/12/2013) But we were not able to find out whether you can get it at shekou port as well.
—Guest Peter

Swedish passport

I just got a shenzhen 5 day visa at the lowu border 168 RMB and it took 5 minutes! Great!!
—Guest Jullia

Some clear info

There's a huge amount of FUD around the five-day Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Visa. Here's what happened to me and my daughter: * Arrived at Hong Kong airport and took the bus to the Futian checkpoint (there are loads of services on offer, follow the Transfer to Mainland signs on arrival). * We took a regular bus and paid RMB80 each (about EUR 8). Limo service is more expensive * You get off the bus at the HK border first and clear emigration, then back on the bus, over the river and into Shenzhen * You go to the far left when entering the immigration hall and find the five-day Visa counter. Do NOT be confused by the commercial "one week in China" visa * They are HAPPY to accept HK$ instead of RMB * I paid RMB183 for my daughter (German passport) and RMB487 for my British passport * They take your photo at the desk but it is not printed on your Visa, which is stuck in your passport * Once you clear immigration, get a taxi to your hotel. EASY

Visas at the border

The SEZ 5 day visa works well, however caution to US passport holders you are not eligible. Before you complain, consider that most visa arrangements are reciprocal between countries…lol Some years ago, I was also able to obtain a 3 month whole of China visa from the small private travel offices adjacent to the government visa office in the upstairs part of Luo Wu. They had a while you wait service but could only issue in normal office hours. If anyone knows their contact details, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post in a reply.
—Guest HPM731


I am British, lived in HK for 20+ years, but a few years ago I went across to Shenzhen, and went to the inbetween visa office, thinking I could get a 1 day Visa cop. Nope, they took me to the Chinese immigration, and fined me 1000 RMB and sent me back to Hong Kong. On investigation I discovered, it is because the British Government does the same to Chinese.
—Guest Cyber

Shenzen wheel of fortune

Had to pay about 480 CNY for a visa on a border. I am Polish and hoped I will get it for free as somebody wrote here before. Comparing to mentioned prices I was probably ripped-off. Had no choice but to pay :(
—Guest Varelse

Polish pay!

Hi. In contrary to what I red here, Polish nationals pay 475 Yuan for 5-day turist visa. Were there just today . Looks they have new price list published on the wall. No-Photo policy there and I wanted not to interfere with local police. Everyone looks very strict, place is strict and formal so no jokes there. On same flor is a turist agency where one can change money to yuans. A plus: very fast visa service, total 10..15min max.
—Guest ultimate

Nov 4 2012

I tried going in through Lo Wu on Monday and they show me a decree from 2007 saying no US citizens get visas at border. Had to return to the consulate in HK. Planes, trains and automobiles all over again. After a dozen changes and twice that many directions I filled out my app said I'd pay the "Express" next day service for a total bill of HK$1400! I got Vietnamese and Cambodian visas easier but read to get the Shenzhen "cheap and easy" at the border for a 5 day shopping pass. I guess I blew my discount! But it's all for the adventure anyway, right? Makes a good story. I could drag it out but I'm a slow typer! I was told by a local that the laws change almost daily depending on the supervisors. Politics...
—Guest tjoe

Visa purchase before arriving

Hi .... twice now, I have purchased my Shenzhen visa from the Chinese Embassy in Sydney, Australia before I left the country. So, if you are Australian, you can definately get it before you leave the country however it seems that many Australians don't have a problem getting them at the border either.
—Guest Katrina

More directions

Dear Cedrac I would just like to thank you for such accurate instructions on my recent journey to Shenzhen via Honkg kong. I copied and pasted your instruction and kept the paper with me all the way !, Awesome !! BTW as an update from a UK citizen the cost of the visa for UK is 303 CNY !! But very quick and efficient process Thanks again

No visa on French passport July 8, 2012

As an airline crew on a HGK layover, went to Lo Wu as directed, turned away at the Visa office, took almost an hour to re-clear to the HKG side for the train ride back to Hung Hom. Maybe the French don't discount their Airbuses anymore. Anyway, shopping is every bit as good in PVG and PEK.
—Guest Patrick leminous

South African Passport Holders

Even though we are now part of the BRICS nations and vote with China on Iran and won't let the Dhali Lama into our country to appease China, they don't issue 5 day Shenzhen visas to South African passport holders. Go direct to the the Consular Dept of the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs, 26 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
—Guest Ryan

Very Recent Visit, should have listened.

Please list Philippine passport as one of the countries not allowed to get a Shenzhen SEZ Visa. We went there last December 23, 2011 and we were denied of a visa. The immigration official just said "This passport cannot get a visa here so you should go back to Hong Kong". It's a big hassle, since the trip to Lo Wu takes around 1 hour and then the departure from Hong Kong should be cancelled as well, so it took us around 3 hours just to get back to Hung Hom. Big waste of time. I should have listened to my fiancee and go straight to Mong Kok instead. I relied on your list, so it should be helpful if you updated it with the information I provided.
—Guest Ishralene09

Forget it!

We were just at the border at Lo Wu station in HK yesterday and to our gross disappointment, they no longer issue visas for Shenzhen to PH passport holders at the border. After almost an hour on the MTR, we only got yelled at at the visa processing office on the 2nd floor. Since they're not at all tourist-friendly, all the visa guy could say, no, scream in his broken English through the window was "No Visa!" after taking one glance at our passports. Apparently, the procedure for securing their visa for us lowly Pinoys has changed and it's not posted ANYWHERE. We ended up wasting 2 hours and HKD 70 for the train ride back and forth.
—Guest Kim

US citizen still no shenzhen visa

Don't even have a spec of hope that you might get it
—Guest No entru

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What Happened When You Tried to Buy a Shenzhen Visa?

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