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Readers Respond: What Happened When You Tried to Buy a Shenzhen Visa?

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From the article: Shenzhen Visa
The availability of Shenzhen Visas are very fluid and it can very frustrating trying to find accurate information. We try to keep the information above as up to date as possible. To do so, we rely on you to let us know your experiences in obtaining a Shenzhen Visa and crossing the border. Are you British and you weren't granted a visa? Or American, and you were? Were you charged HK$100 or HK$1000? Was the office closed on Sunday? Let us know. Or, if you have a question, pop it into the box.

No SEZ special 5 Day Visa for S.Africans

As of October 2014, South Africans are still not able to get an SEZ visa at the border like many other nations and are directed by Chinese Visa Office officials (Port Officials) to the Wan Chai Consular offices as per Ryan's post.
—Guest Ameer


Hi. Update on South African passport Holders. If you plan to visit Shenzhen go to the Chinese embassy near you and get it. You won't get one at Lo Wu Immigration (Border Control) Or you can get one in Hong Kong if you make a decision to go to SZ while you are in HK.
—Guest Malcolm

Aussies no problem

I'm an Australian expat living in HK and I've been to Shenzhen about 20 times over a 10 year period and getting a visa at the border has never been a problem. You have to change your HKD into RMB but there is a small office there to do that. There is also a board listing the different costs of the visa that different nationalities have to pay. Because of reciprocal arrangements, the visa at the border is unavailable at the border. The staff at the visa office are efficient and most days the visa is processed quickly. Expect delays on weekends and holidays.
—Guest Critta

South African Passport Holders

Even though we are now part of the BRICS nations and vote with China on Iran and won't let the Dhali Lama into our country to appease China, they don't issue 5 day Shenzhen visas to South African passport holders. Go direct to the the Consular Dept of the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs, 26 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
—Guest Ryan

Very Recent Visit, should have listened.

Please list Philippine passport as one of the countries not allowed to get a Shenzhen SEZ Visa. We went there last December 23, 2011 and we were denied of a visa. The immigration official just said "This passport cannot get a visa here so you should go back to Hong Kong". It's a big hassle, since the trip to Lo Wu takes around 1 hour and then the departure from Hong Kong should be cancelled as well, so it took us around 3 hours just to get back to Hung Hom. Big waste of time. I should have listened to my fiancee and go straight to Mong Kok instead. I relied on your list, so it should be helpful if you updated it with the information I provided.
—Guest Ishralene09

Forget it!

We were just at the border at Lo Wu station in HK yesterday and to our gross disappointment, they no longer issue visas for Shenzhen to PH passport holders at the border. After almost an hour on the MTR, we only got yelled at at the visa processing office on the 2nd floor. Since they're not at all tourist-friendly, all the visa guy could say, no, scream in his broken English through the window was "No Visa!" after taking one glance at our passports. Apparently, the procedure for securing their visa for us lowly Pinoys has changed and it's not posted ANYWHERE. We ended up wasting 2 hours and HKD 70 for the train ride back and forth.
—Guest Kim

US citizen still no shenzhen visa

Don't even have a spec of hope that you might get it
—Guest No entru

can't have multiple visas to China

As a Canadian citizen, I understood that it shouldn't be much of a problem getting a visa for ShenZhen at the border at 160RMB after filling out the form. Just ask if they appear to be out of them. Although from hearing the complaining of the Americans there who were paying 10 times that, who knew what was going on. My problem was that I had a dual-entry visa that would be valid for the entirety of the country that i didn't want to burn. I was informed (in English!) that I couldn't get a ShenZhen visa because as long as you have one valid visa for China in your passport, you cannot acquire another. Bye bye one of my two-week long China-wide entries for a two-day stay in ShenZhen.
—Guest AF

free of charge

I got my Shenzhen Visa within 10 minutes, they only asked me where I was born. Poland gets Chinese visas for free.
—Guest dxman

Zhuhai visa

May we please check whether we can apply Zhuhai visa on the spot at custom same as Shenzhen? if yes, how much for the cost & it will take how long? EDITOR: Rory Boland; As far as I know, no, on the spot visas are only available for individuals at the Hong Kong/Shenzhen border.
—Guest mee

Shenzen Visa Currency

Can anybody tell me from recent experience which currencies are accepted to pay for a 5 day Shenzen Visa...and as there seems to be no guarantee that a visa will be issued,should I wait for the visa before booking a hotel AboutHK comment: route8, you can use RMB or HKD to pay for the visa at the border. Whether you get the visa or not is basically dependent on your nationality

No Problems

I am an Australian and had no issues. 160 RMB. Went through immigration at Lo Wu, turn left and up the escalator to find the office right in front. Easy, cheap. Would happily do again.
—Guest Steve

HK residents

HK residents should apply for a Re-Entry Permit which looks a like a HKID card which allows unlimited entries to all of China.
—Guest Mike Chan

canadian got refused

I my name is freddy and I am canadian. After reading your review I went to the chinese border from Hong Konk but got refuse a shenzhen visa. After insisting with the person in charge they finally told me that it is an exception since I was born in Tunisia, so be aware that even if you have the right to get a Visa thay can make up an excuse anytime and refuse to give it to you. Called the chinesse umbassy in ottawa and they told me they had no right to refuse me a visa. So 3days of travelling for nothing because of a sudden exception
—Guest havitov

Australia ok RMB160

27 Nov 2010 took train Sheung Shui to Lo Wu, exited HK immigration, walked over bridge and followed directions below. Had no RMB but adjacent exchange office gave me a RMB160 receipt for HK203 and I gave the receipt to the cash desk. 5 minutes and I had my visa. 2 Philippino kids in front of me had a different experience... immig: "Philippine? No." kids: "Why no Philippine?" immig: "There is no 'why?'" A Philippina friend living in Shenzhen said it cost her HK7000 (in HK) for her annual multi-entry visa!
—Guest Dale
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