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Readers Respond: Do You Believe Chinese Horoscopes Can Predict the Future

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Some Hong Kongers are literally willing to stake their savings, stocks and even jobs on the outcome of their, admittedly far more serious and in depthly researched, Chinese New Year horoscopes. Others would rather flip to the funnies and take advice from Snoopy than check out their horoscopes.

What do you think? Do Chinese horoscopes have an element of truth? Have they successfully predicted your year in the past? Or have they promised love and a lottery win only for you to find heartbreak and fifty dollars dropped down the drain. Chinese Horoscopes- the real deal or just faking?

It CAN be true!!

Astronomy came from astrology, and horoscopes are based on astrology, you do the math.
—Guest 3rdeye

Have faith

Horoscopes have a history dating back over 3000 years and many, if not most people, have experience of them being right a lot of the time. I don't think they can predict exactly what's going to happen, but these yearly Chinese New Year horoscopes are pretty good at giving you a general idea of what your life will be like next year. I read mine last year and they came true... mostly. I don't think you should plan your life around what you read but it can give you an idea of what to expect, both good and bad. In all honesty they can also have a positive mental effect. If the horoscope says you're going to have a good year at work, it will motivate you to work hard; if its says you're going to have a poor year, it will motivate you to work harder. For me, that's a win, win. The only thing they should stay away from predicting is your health, because people wouldn't base medical decisions on anything but a doctor's opinion.
—Guest Faith50

Wrong... I hope

The Year of the Tiger is a very tough one for us monkeys... so I hope these is all complete rubbish!
—Guest Shiv


I believe the chinese horoscope can show tendencies where energy is focused (career, etc.) and levels of luck in certain aspects of our lives. It once predicted something that actually happened, but again I think that´s related to tendencies of each animal.
—Guest cipriana


It's all a load of old rubbish. Made up by a few people with nothing to better to do. I feel sorry for the people who actually believe this rubbish
—Guest AntID

flip a coin

You may as well flip a coin, Chinese Horoscopes, or any Horoscopes, can't possible predict the future in anyway. All they do is offer a bunch of generic predictions (you will enjoy romance, success at work). People then see getting a new stapler as success as work or buying a new goldfish as love... all because the horoscope planted the idea in their head. You may as well flip a coin, with heads meaning you'll have a good day today and tails a bad day.
—Guest holeyone
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