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Hong Kong / Macau Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Traveling Between Hong Kong and Macau By Ferry?...
The ferry between Hong Kong and Macau is the only transport between the two SARs. Find out where to catch it, how much it costs and when it runs in our guide to the ferry between Hong Kong and Macau.
What's Best Way to Travel from Hong Kong to...
The best way to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is by using the MTR subway. Our step by step guide to travelling by subway from Hong Kong to Shenzhen covers the where, when and how much.
Is Hong Kong Part of China? Unraveling the...
What country is Hong Kong in, you’ll hear the city is its own city country, that its part of China and, for those who’ve been sleeping for the past ten years, a colony of Britain. From laws and politics to borders and visas, we tell you exactly what country Hong Kong is in.
From Hong Kong by Train: Tips for Getting to...
The train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is the best connection between the two cities. See our guide to the train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou for information on timetables, prices and more.
Hong Kong's Best Markets
Hong Kong has a fantastic array of markets, use our guide to the best Hong Kong markets to find the cream of the crop. We guide you through the top eight Hong Kong markets will information on where they are and what they sell.
5 Over-the-Top Hong Kong Shopping Malls
Hong Kong shopping malls are some of the biggest and most impressive in the world. In our essential guide we pick the top five, from boutique retreats to the big box mega malls.
10 Places That You Must See in Hong Kong
Ten Places to See in Hong Kong – From the skyline to ancient walled villages and bustling temples, we pick our favourite ten places.
5 Things That You Can Get for a Bargain in Hong...
Buy in Hong Kong –From electronics to suits, we look at what’s still cheap to buy in Hong Kong and where to go shopping for a bargain.
What is the MTR?
The MTR is Hong Kong's award-winning subway system. Hong Kong's most popluar form of public transport, find out how to use the Hong Kong MTR.
List of Airlines Offering In Town Check in at...
In Town Check In at Hong Kong Station – Before you go to the airport see if you can check in, in the city with our list of Airlines offering in town check in at Hong Kong Station.
Will You Need a Visa for Travel to Hong Kong?
Do I need a Hong Kong visa? Hong Kong visa rules remains much the same as they were under British rule and are very generous. That said, there are a few rules and restrictions to keep in mind.
Find Out What the Weather Will be Like during...
Weather in Hong Kong in May. Find out what's the average temperature, average rainfall and all about that legendary humidity in our weather in Hong Kong in May article. Page 6.
Vital Information for Your Upcoming Trip to...
Travel to China from Hong Kong is a road taken by many a traveller. We look at the China visa application in Hong Kong, where and how to get a Chinese visa in Hong Kong, as well as transport, and other issues for those who want to make a China visa application in Hong Kong and travel north of the border.
Shopping for Fakes in Hong Kong
Fakes in Hong Kong – We look at the where and how of shopping for fakes in Hong Kong and find out what the boys in blue think.
Top 6 Best Hong Kong Souvenirs
Not sure what to bring family and friends back from Hong Kong? Take a look at our insiders guide on Hong Kong's best souvenirs.
Shenzhen Visa
Shenzhen Visa – Shenzhen visas have very strict rules and regulations and aren’t offered to a number of nationalities. We have up to date and accurate information on their availability and validity.
5 Places to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dim Sum is one of the city's most famous experiences. The standard by which the world's best Dim Sum is judged, we've checked out Hong Kong's finest Dim Sum restaurants.
Hong Kong's Best Tailors
Hong Kong has thousands of tailors, producing top-class suits at low-cost prices. We've profiled the best Hong Kong tailors, to help you choose where to get the best suits made. The best Hong Kong tailors profiled.
Shopping in Shenzhen
Shopping Shenzhen – A great place to pick up a bargain, the mean streets of Shenzhen can be a challenge for first time visitors. Let our Guide to Shopping in Shenzhen walk you in the right direction for the best bargains.
Where to Buy Electronics in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Electronics – List of markets, shops and street locations on where to buy electronics in Hong Kong, including photography, computer and audio equipment.
Train from Hong Kong to Shanghai
The train from Hong Kong to Shanghai is the best connection between the two cities. See our guide to the train from Hong Kong to Shanghai for information on timetables, prices and discounts.
Top 6 Hong Kong Beaches- Hong Kong’s Best...
Hong Kong beaches are some of the best in the region. Check out our guide to the top five Hong Kong beaches.
Day Trips from Hong Kong - Top Five
Day Trips from Hong Kong – Our top five day trips from Hong Kong, including Macau, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.
Top 10 Hong Kong Attractions
All the must see Hong Kong tourist attractions, sights and must dos boiled down into a top 10.
Hong Kong Airport Transport
Hong Kong Airport transport offers plenty of options. We look at the quickest, the cheapest and the most scenic way to get to and from Hong Kong Airport.
Lamma Island Hong Kong Ferry Services
Lamma Island Hong Kong – How to take a ferry to Lamma Island Hong Kong, including timetables, fares and advice on which ferry to take.
Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong
Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong – Rules and regulations about obtaining a Chinese visa in Hong Kong change rapidly, our monthly updated page has the most current information.
Best Hong Kong Buffets
Hong Kong Buffet, our top five selections. The perfect chance to try a selection of food from some of the world’s best chefs; we’ve selected five of the best Hong Kong buffets, from those that offer free flowing champagne to the best in al fresco dining.
Hong Kong Shopping Guide
Hong Kong shopping can be a real pleasure; plenty of choice, low-prices and high quality, are just some of the reasons a trip around the shops here is world renowned.
Hong Kong's Nightlife Areas
A comprehensive guide to Hong Kong's best nightlife areas, with reviews of the best bars, pubs and clubs - starting with party central Lan Kwai Fong. A Hong Kong nightlife guide.
Gay Bars and Nightclubs in Hong Kong
We’ve picked the best gay bars and nightclubs in Hong Kong, from old classics like Propaganda to young pretenders like Volume, you’ll find our top five gay bars and nightclubs in Hong Kong the ideal guide to the city’s gay nightlife.
Tips for Buying Electronics in Hong Kong
Buying electronics in Hong Kong is a time-honored tradition. Our guide and tips to buying electronics in Hong Kong will make sure you get the best value and avoid the city's ubiquitous rip-offs.
Step by Step Guide to the Ferry from Hong Kong...
Step by step guide to taking the ferry from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Information and schedules on the ferry from Hong Kong to Shenzhen
Hong Kong Street Food - Dai Pai Dongs
Hong Kong's street markets offer some great street food. Named Dai Pai Dong's these markets serves up tasty traditional Chinese cusine, cheaply and quickly.
Shops in Hong Kong
Shops in Hong Kong - We pick the five best areas to find shops in Hong Kong, from the fashion stores of Causeway Bay to the cut price computer stores in Sham Shui Po.
Macau One Day Tour
The best sights and best food in our Macau one day tour.
Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong
Budget accommodation in Hong Kong can be difficult to find. Check out our top tips on budget accommodation in hong kong to secure the best value to deals in the city.
When Are the Hong Kong Shopping Sales?
Hong Kong is no longer the bargain bin it once was, to save a few dollars check out our article on the Hong Kong shopping sales. We’ve got the lowdown on when are the Hong Kong shopping sales, and where to find them.
What to See on Lamma Island
Lamma Island - Temples, hiking trails, and some of Hong Kong's best beaches are just a handful of the highlights in our what to see on Lamma Island guide.
Top Bars in Hong Kong
The best bars in Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong district have plenty to keep the night owl happy, with Lan Kwai Fong boasting Hong Kong's most raucous nightlife. Our guide to the best bars in Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong district will highlight the best Hong Kong's party central has to offer.
How to Open a Bank Account in Hong Kong
How to Open a Bank Account in Hong Kong – Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is incredibly easy and doesn’t require a work visa.
Is prostitution legal in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong's red light district and prostitution industry have been made famous by the film Suzy Wong and various other stories of what was a booming red light prostitution business. Find out if prostitution is legal in Hong Kong.
The Best Spas in Hong Kong
Spas in Hong Kong are rightly considered as some of the best in the world. From the princely service to the exquisite products on offer, the best spas in Hong Kong will leave you refreshed and revitalized.
Mongkok Ladies Market Tour
Mongkok is officially the world's most densely populated area, and the area is packed with high rise residential buildings, shops, street restaurants and the legendary Mongkok Ladies Market. One of the best markets in the city, not an easy boast, Mongkok Ladies Market features a myriad of goods at cheap, cheap prices.
5 Tips on Buying Jade Jewelry
We find out if it’s still cheap to buy jade jewelry and what scams and tricks you need to watch out for.
Hung Hom Station Hong Kong
Hung Hom station Hong Kong, formerly Kowloon Station, is the city’s international railway station. Use our guide to find out how to get there, where to buy tickets and check in and about other station facilities.
Causeway Bay Shopping
Causeway Bay is Hong Kong's best shopping district. We introduce you to the best streets, the best malls and the secret local shops.
Hong Kong One Day Tour
A one-day essential tour of the city's must-see sights. A comprehensive one day guide to essential sights, attractions and restaurants in our Hong Kong one day tour.
Things to Do in Hong Kong on a Budget - Top Ten
Things to do in Hong Kong. Sightseeing in Hong Kong doesn't need to blow a hole in your wallet, from free Tai Chi to a trip to a temple, we've listed the best ten things to do in Hong Kong on a budget.
Best Sights in Shenzhen
There is more to Shenzhen than shops. We point you in the direction of what to see and the best sights in Shenzhen.
Cotaijet Ferry between Hong Kong and Macau
The best way to reach the Macau casinos. Find out where, when and how to catch the Cotaijet ferry to Taipa Island.
Hong Kong Weather Season by Season
The Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable and extreme. Find out when to find sunshine and clear skies and how to avoid the typhoons in our guide.
Best Breakfast in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's best breakfasts - from congee to the great British fry up.
Is Macau Part of China
What country is Macau in? Thanks to a unique, colonial history, Macau has a somewhat complicated arrangement with China and in many respects is its own, independent city state.
Hong Kong Hikes Top 5
We review the Dragon's Back hike in Hong Kong as part of our top five Hong Kong hikes series. Page 2.
Nationalities Eligable For a Shenzhen Visa
Shenzhen Visa – Most nationalities are eligible for the Shenzhen visa in Hong Kong, but there are notable exceptions, which often includes US and UK nationals. We have a current and up to date list of those passport holders who aren’t eligible.
Where to Buy Electronics in Shenzhen
Electronics in Shenzhen – One of the city’s great bargains, we look at where to buy electronics and computer equipment in Shenzhen and the SEG Electronics Market
Big Buddha Hong Kong Tourist Guide
Big Buddha Hong Kong – One of the city’s most popular attractions, the grand Hong Kong Big Buddha statue on Lantau Island is an awe inspiring sight. Read all about it in our tourist guide
What to Do in Macau
Macau has plenty of sightseeing for tourists, and is the perfect complement to Hong Kong. A Portuguese colony for over 500 years, Hong Kong's sister SAR has a reputation for gambling and casinos - but the city also boasts beautiful beaches, enduring traditions and a colonial character. Find out all about it here.
Times Square Mall Hong Kong Review and List of...
Times Square shopping mall Hong Kong review and Hong Kong Times Square shopping mall list of shops.
Work Visa in Hong Kong
Work Visa in Hong Kong – Many people assume obtaining a work visa in Hong Kong will be straightforward, it’s not, and the Hong Kong Immigration Service is increasingly demanding. Find out what you need to prove to get a visa.
Do I Need a Visa for Macau?
Information on Macau visas and immigration regulations for American, European and Japanese citizens, including what you'll need to conduct business there.
How to Get to Tai O
How to Get to Tai O – Transport to Tai O Fishing Village by bus and ferry
Macau Casinos reviews
From the glitz an glamour of the Venetian to the local flavour of the Lisboa we've got the best Macau casinos reviewed.
Price of a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong
Price of a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong – Full prices of Chinese visas in Hong Kong by nationality and speed of delivery.
Cheung Chau Island Guide
Cheung Chau Island is one of Hong Kong’s most popular day trips. We look at its popular beaches, the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, the famous bun festival and more
Clubs in Hong Kong
Club in Hong Kong – There are some world-beating clubs in Hong Kong, from Dragon-I to Volar, we’ve got reviews of the top five.
Hong Kong vs Singapore - Should I Visit Hong...
Hong Kong vs Singapore is a grudge match to rival the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. We compare sights, transport, shopping and more to answer should I visit Hong Kong or Singapore
October in Hong Kong
October in Hong Kong can be hot, humid and rainy, but it's also a month packed with events. See our guide for full details of the weather and what's on.
Hong Kong For Kids
The best attractions and events to make Hong Kong for kids as fun as for adults.
Working in Hong Kong - What Jobs Are Available
Working in Hong Kong – There are a limited number of specific jobs, industries and work opportunities that are open to English speaking expatriates wanting to work in Hong Kong
Ngong Ping Cable Car – Review of the...
Ngong Ping Cable Car – Review of Ngong Ping Cable Car, including prices, information on attractions and discussion of problems with the ride.
Best Restaurants in Hong Kong on a Budget
We’ve split the list into five different cuisines, so your tastebuds can take a budget trip around the world, with great food at great prices.
Top 10 Hong Kong Luxury Hotels
Luxury hotels are in abundance in Hong Kong, we review the best Hong Kong luxury hotels
Where to Buy a Shenzhen Visa in Hong Kong
Shenzhen Visas in Hong Kong – Tour agents and travel agencies in Hong Kong cannot sell you a Shenzhen Visa; it can only be purchased at a single border crossing.
What Is the Difference between Mandarin and...
What Is the Difference between Mandarin and Cantonese – They may both be Chinese, but Mandarin and Cantonese are very different. Find out where they’re used and why.
Macau Travel Guide - How to Get There and More
Our Macau travel guide is your comprehensive guide on how to get to Macau, including information on language, visas, and more. We've also got the practicalities of reaching Macau from Hong Kong covered in our how to get to Macau guide.
Causeway Bay Hong Kong Profile
Causeway Bay Hong Kong is one of the city’s prime shopping areas, where the crowds of people throng the neon lit streets to hunt down a bargain. Our Causeway Bay Hong Kong profile covers what’s in the area, how to get there, and where to shop, including SOGO.
Where Can I Find Left Luggage Facilities and...
We’ve got a list of left luggage facilities and lockers in Hong Kong. Find out where to find and how to use the left luggage facilities in Hong Kong. Including the airport and train station
Review of Hong Kong Harbour City Mall and List...
Review of Hong Kong Harbour City mall and a list of shops.
Hong Kong Tips
Hong Kong Tips - the etiquette and how much you should leave at restaurants, hotels and in taxis
Things to Do in Hong Kong
Things to do in Hong Kong. From free Tai Chi on Victoria Harbour to bagging a bargain at the ladies market, the list of things to do in Hong Kong is endless, we’ve picked twelve of the best
Travel from Hong Kong to Beijing China by Train
Information on tickets, timetables in our guide to travel from Hong to Beijing China by train. We’ve also covered the types of trains and passport formalities for travel from Hong Kong to Beijing China by train.
Where to Find the Best Hong Kong Seafood
The seafood in Hong Kong is some of the best in the world. We uncover the city's best places to find it - from island boltholes to the people’s favourite.
Chinese New Year Dates
Chinese New Year Dates – Based on the lunar cycle, the dates for Chinese New Year vary from year to year. Plan ahead with the exact dates for the celebration from 2011 through 2015
Full List of Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau...
List of Michelin Guide restaurants with stars in Hong Kong. We’ve got a full list of restaurants in Hong Kong with Michelin Stars.
Chinese New Year Zodiac Signs
Chinese New Year Animals – Based on what year you were born, find out which Chinese New Year Zodiac Animal you are and your typical characteristics.
budget airlines flying from hong kong, cheap,...
Budget Airlines flying from Hong Kong – A comprehensive list of budget airlines flying from Hong Kong, including the routes they serve.
Top 5 Hong Kong Cheap Restaurants
Trying to find cheap restaurants in Hong Kong can be difficult. These five Hong Kong restaurant are as tasty as they are inexpensive.
Guangzhou to Shenzhen by Train and Bus
The train is the best way to travel from Guangzhou to Shenzhen. Find out about the when, the where, the prices, the trains and why you need your passport.
Budget Guide to Hong Kong
Budget Guide to Hong Kong – Find out how to save money in one of the world’s most expensive cities in our budget guide to Hong Kong, including tips on cheap accommodation, food, sightseeing and more.
Where can you buy cheap Apple products in Hong...
The independent retailers where you can buy cheap iPads and iPhones and how not to get ripped off.
Top Six Tips When Buying a Suit
Buy a Suit Tips – Buying a tailor made suit can feel like a trip to the dentist for first timers. We’ve got some top tips on the right questions to ask, the right materials to choose and the right prices to pay.
Ocean Park vs Hong Kong Disneyland
The perpetual grudge match of Ocean Park vs Hong Kong Disneyland often has visitors asking which one they should visit. We've got the answer.
Best Macau Hotels for Luxury
As the competition hots up, trying to pick the best Macau hotels for luxury is harder than ever, from the best resort hotel to the best budget luxury hotel, we've picked out five of the best Macau hotels for luxury, for those who want to enjoy their stay in style.
Full List and Reviews of Restaurants in Hong...
Reviews of the best Michelin Restaurants in Hong Kong
Cheap Macau Hotels Top Five
Best Cheap Macau Hotels -We select the top five cheap hotels in Macau that will leave you change from $75
China Southern Airlines Review
We review the customer service – including English language abilities of staff – comfort and facilities and safety record of China Southern Airlines.
Buying a camera in Hong Kong
Why buying a camera in Hong Kong isn't necessarily and good idea and advice on shops and prices.
Hong Kong Island vs Kowloon - where to stay
Can't decide. We pick out the pros and cons of staying on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon.
Cheap Hong Kong Sightseeing
Cheap Hong Kong sightseeing can be difficult, however bargains can be found and some of Hong Kong's best sightseeing can be done for free, or almost free. Our top five, has the best of cheap Hong Kong sightseeing.
Best pizza in Hong Kong - top 5
When you just can’t slurp any more noodles, when you just can’t dig into anymore rice, try these top five pizzas in Hong Kong.
Five Best Places to View Hong Kong Harbor
Hong Kong Harbour – One of the city’s major attractions, we list the five best places to view Hong Kong Harbour and its amazing skyscraper backdrop.
Top Five Hong Kong Museums
Hong Kong Museum - Yes, the city does have soul. History, art and blowing bubbles in the top five Hong Kong museums.
Hong Kong Disneyland
Check out our comprehensive review of Hong Kong Disneyland, along with pros, cons, location and cost, and find out why not everyone is impressed.
Ride a Traditional Chinese Junk in Hong Kong
Taking a ride on a traditional Chinese junk in Hong Kong is one of the best experiences. You can even do it for free. We’ve got the inside scoop on where and how to ride a traditional Chinese Junk in Hong Kong.
Where to eat in Kowloon
Top tips on where to eat in Kowloon - from districts like Kowloon City to street food markets and the maze of Chungking Mansions
Hong Kong Ocean Park
Hong Kong Ocean park is the biggest and best theme park in the city. Read our review for the low down on the rides, the animals and everything else.
Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets
Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets – Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland ticket prices and tips on the various entry options available.
Hong Kong Disneyland Packages
There are a variety of Hong Kong Disneyland packages on offer – but are they really the cheapest way to visit the park?
Hong Kong Taxi Guide
Hong Kong taxi is one of the best ways to get around the city. That said, you’ll need to know the difference between your red, green and blue services.
Best Hong Kong Hostels
Surprisingly, Hong Kong has a wide selection of cheap and budget accommodation. Hong Kong hostels and guesthouses do, however vary wildly in quality, from bug ridden dives to stylish bolt-holes. Make sure you check-in to the latter, by checking out our guide to the best Hong Kong hostels.
Kowloon Hong Kong - Must See Sights
Kowloon Hong Kong - Often overlooked but rarely underwhelming, we pick out the must see sights of Hong Kong's Kowloon Peninsula.
Guest House in Hong Kong Top Five
Guest House Hong Kong, there’s hundreds of them, some in the much talked about Chunking Mansions, and while a stay in a guest house in Hong Kong I never going to be luxury, it also doesn’t mean stained sheets and grimy walls. You can get in-room TV, showers and even wifi, just check out our top five guesthouse in Hong Kong list.
How to use the Hong Kong Octopus Card?
The Hong Kong Octopus card is essential for traveling around the city. See our guide for how to use the Hong Kong Octopus card.
What Are the Rules in Macau's Casinos?
The rules in Macau's casinos have slowly been relaxed, but nevertheless, from dress code to what you can bring in, we've got a comprehensive list of the rules in Macau's casinos.
Temple Street Market Profile
Temple Street Market in Hong Kong is one the cities major tourist attractions. Our Profile of Temple Street Market tells you why should go, why you shouldn’t and what to buy.
Do People in Hong Kong Speak English
English in Hong Kong - Hong Kongers are not quite the masters of the Queen's language you might imagine, find out where people speak English in Hong Kong, and where they don't.
Where to Buy Tea in Hong Kong
The best shops to buy tea in Hong Kong.
Discovery Bay Hong Kong
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong is not a tourist attraction. Modeled on US suburbia, it mostly caters to expats looking for a slice of home.
Jobs in Hong Kong - FAQ about Working in Hong...
Jobs in Hong Kong – Top expat FAQ about jobs in Hong Kong, including what sort of work is available to expats, how to find work, visa information, taxes, apartments and more.
How to Get to Cheung Chau Island
How to Get to Cheung Chau Island – Find out how to take the ferry to the isolated island of Cheung Chau.
Deals Hong Kong for Hotels
Deals Hong Kong – From online deals to free extras, check out our top five tips for grabbing the best hotel deals in Hong Kong.
Best Hotels in Hong Kong on a Budget
Best Hotels in Hong Kong on a Budget. We pick the five best hotels in Hong Kong on a budget of less than $100.
Budget Hotels, Hostels and Accommodation in Macau
Budget Hotels in Macau - Check out our top tips and top picks for budget hotels, hostels and accommodation in Macau.
How to Get To Stanley Village Hong Kong by Bus?
As one of the most popular day trips from the city, we've profiled how to get to Stanley Village Hong Kong. Which bus, where to get it and how to get to Stanley Village Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Sightseeing
Hong Kong sightseeing for beginners. We’ve put together the top ten Hong Kong sightseeing sights and experiences to help you get started on your trip to the city. You’ll find everything from the skyline to the Star Ferry.
Bargaining in Hong Kong
Bargaining in Hong Kong – Follow our eight rules of bargaining at Hong Kong’s markets and shops and bag yourself a bargain.
Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Victoria Peak Hong Kong - Find out about the amazing views and other attractions at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.
July in Hong Kong
July in Hong Kong can be hot, humid and rainy, but it's also a month packed with events. Check out our July in Hong Kong guide covering weather, what to pack, and what's on.
Where to See the Pink Dolphin in Hong Kong
We find out where to see the Pink Dolphin in Hong Kong, review the dolphin watching tours and discuss the environmental impact.
Cheap Hong Kong Hotels
Cheap Hong Kong hotels – Check out our reviews of the top five cheap Hong Kong hotels, all for $75 or less.
Guangzhou East Railway Station - an essential...
Guangzhou East Railway Station is the main railway station for trains to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other Guangdong destinations. Use our guide to find out how to get there, where to buy tickets and check in and about other station facilities.
Hong Kong Hotels With a Harbour View
Hong Kong Hotels with a Harbour View - We profile the best five hotels in Hong Kong to enjoy a view of the famous Victoria Harbour.
Face Masks in Hong Kong
Face Masks in Hong Kong – The number of people wearing medical face masks in Hong Kong can be alarming for tourists. Find out why Hong Kongers wear them and whether you should to.
Macau Hostels
Macau hostels - With so few, we've reviewed all Macau hostels, from those with in room LCD TVs to those with shared squat toilets.
Canton Fair Guide
Canton Fair is one of the biggest trade events in the world. Find out about registering, the best accommodation for the fair, transportation and about Guangzhou.
hong kong tax taxation rate income tax profits...
Hong Kong Tax is some of the lowest in the world and helps the city attract legions of expats. Our beginners guide to Hong Kong tax takes you through the basics.
Is Hong Kong Expensive? - Prices in Hong Kong
Many visitors want to know, is Hong Kong expensive? with most assuming that it is. While prices in Hong Kong can certainly be top heavy, the city has an unfair reputation for putting huge dents in people's wallets. We take a look at the prices in Hong Kong for transport, food and other essentials to answer the question is Hong Kong Expensive?
Hong Kong's Central-Mid Levels Escalator - The...
Hong Kong's Mid-Levels Escalator is the longest system of escalators in the world. Winding from Central through Soho and up to Mid-Levels, we’ve got all the essential information on the Hong Kong Central-Mid Levels Escalator
September in Hong Kong
September in Hong Kong can be hot, humid and rainy, but it's also a month packed with events. Check out our September in Hong Kong guide covering weather, what to pack, and events in September.
Hong Kong Food Guide – Top Ten Weird...
hong kong food guide, weird, disgusting, strange
Stanley Market Profile
Stanley Market in Hong Kong is one the city's major tourist attractions. Read our review for the lowdown on why should go, why you shouldn’t and what to buy.
Learn Cantonese Language
Learn Cantonese language. Cantonese is the langauge of Southern China and importantly Hong Kong. Although you're unlikely to have any difficulty using English, a little basic Cantonese can come in useful when bargaining or in local restaurants. Take a look at our basic learn Cantonese language guide.
Best Five Restaurants in Soho Hong Kong
Soho Hong Kong – The streets of Soho Hong Kong are spilling over with restaurants. If you’re stomachs rumbling but you don’t know where to start, dig into our list of the area’s five best restaurants.
See Romantic Hong Kong
From helicopters and junk trips to picnics in the park, read our pick of the top eight Hong Kong romantic experiences.
Top Luxury Serviced Apartments and Short Term...
Serviced apartments and short term apartment rentals in Hong Kong. We pick the top five serviced apartments and short term apartment rentals in Hong Kong, with reviews, prices and location
What Is the Official Language and Lingua Franca...
Hong Kong Language – The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English but when it comes to the languages people actually speak, Mandarin and Cantonese, the picture is a little more complex.
Hong Kong resorts
Where to find the best Hong Kong resort hotels when you’re looking for a break from the city and a beach.
How to Hire a Car in Hong Kong
Car Hire in Hong Kong tips. Should you rent a car in Hong Kong? Advice on prices and companies for hiring a car in Hong Kong

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