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Deals Hong Kong for Hotels

Top Five Tips for Getting Hotel Deals in Hong Kong


There are some great hotel deals in Hong Kong, but you’ll need a few tips if you want to get your hands on them. We point you in the direction of the best websites for finding hotel deals in Hong Kong and also divuge some tips on cheap deals unique to Hong Kong. If you're looking for specific hotel deals, we also have a weekly updated list of Hong Kong hotel deals that features the best on offer.

1. Save a Bundle with Online Deals

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From the swankiest penthouse to the dingiest guesthouse, just about everywhere with a bed in Hong Kong has a website and they often offer some excellent deals. The best booking engine for Hong Kong hotels is Zuji.com, which can trim up to 50% off the standard rack rate on many properties. The engine is particularly strong on offering mid-range hotels at budget prices. You should make this your first port of call when checking up on prices.

2. The Home of Haggling

If nothing online takes your fancy, ring the hotel directly and bargain. Hong Kong is a city that thrives on haggling and with so many independent hotels in the city you may find that you can knock upwards of 30% of the standard rack rate. This tactic usually works best at the last minute and as the hours tick down so should the price. Be sure to avoid major exhibitions, holidays and the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, which are all high occupancy.

3. Ask for Extras

If you’re struggling to get a deal on the price, ask the property to throw in some extras in for free. This is particularly useful at the luxury hotel end of the market, with many properties chock-full of award-winning spas and restaurants. Ask for an upgrade, a free spa treatment or complimentary breakfasts; Hong Kong hotels are usually quite accommodating.

4. Try a Package

This doesn’t always work; but more than occasionally four-night or seven-night package holidays to Hong Kong can work out cheaper than shopping around for hotels and flights yourself. These packages are generally better value regionally, flying from say Thailand or Australia, and packages from the UK or US tend to be less competitive. The Hong Kong Tourism Board keeps a handy list of package deals from your home country, while Zuji.com offers the most competitive rates available.

5. Turn Up and Shop Around

Best for those who are looking for budget accommodation and own a good pair of walking shoes, hostels and guesthouses will often offer big discounts if the cash is in front of them. Chungking Mansions and Mirador Mansions can probably claim upwards of fifty budget properties between them, so dump your bags and start walking.
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