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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

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The Bottom Line

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel consistently receives high praise from guests for its kid friendly staff and atmosphere. A full cast of Disney characters are constantly on hand, from breakfast to bedtime, while a kids club lets the grown ups take advantage of the indoor and outdoor pools. One major drawback is the resort location on isolated Lantau Island, a 30 minute MTR ride from Central Hong Kong. Overall, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is a great place for exploring Hong Kong Disneyland for a couple of days, but not as a base for the rest of Hong Kong.


  • Very Kid friendly
  • Excellent staff
  • Good facilities
  • Access to Hong Kong Disneyland


  • Poor access to the city
  • Average food selection


  • Address: Hong Kong Disneyland, Sunny Bay, Lantau Island
  • Tel:(+852) 2598 8888 
  • MTR: Sunny Bay
  • Travel to Central: 35 Mins
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Guide Review - Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

If you’ve got a couple of kids in tow, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is going to be a sure fire winner. The rugrats can enjoy breakfast with Mickey, lunch with Minnie and swimming lessons with Pluto, thanks to a full cast of Disney characters on call pretty much around the clock. And, while the hotel is by no means small, it is compact by Disney standards, meaning kids get more face time with the characters. The smaller size also seems to make staff more relaxed and more attentive to both the little guests and the grown-up ones. The energetic kids activities run on site mean the adults can enjoy the full service spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts.

The property itself is fixed out in a faux Victorian style with sweeping curtains, floral patterns and sturdy wooden fittings. The design itself is less than inspiring but rooms are spacious, by Hong Kong standards, and comfortable. In short, ideal for families. They also come fitted with widescreen LD TVs, high speed internet access and a host of special Disney extras.

The main drawback of Disneyland Hong Kong Hotel is its isolated location on Lantau Island, and, while perfectly placed for access to the Hong Kong Disneyland park, it’s a good distance from the centre of Hong Kong. It would be hard to stretch a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland over more than two days considering its small size, so there is no real reason to stay at the hotel for more than a couple of nights. The thirty minute subway ride from the park to Central everyday can be a real drag.

The location also contributes to a second problem, the food. The hotel has three dining options which offer both Chinese and Western food, but the food only receives lukewarm reviews. And, if you’re stuck out on Lantau Island, you’re dining options are extremely limited.

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