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Full List of Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau with Michelin Stars


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List of Michelin Guide restaurants with stars in Hong Kong. From three to one, we’ve got a full list of restaurants in Hong Kong with Michelin stars. Before you tuck in, it's worth knowing that the Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide isn't all it's cracked up me. Check out our review of the Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide.

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Three Stars

Lung King Heen, Four Seasons, Hong Kong
Caprice, Four Seasons, Hong Kong

Two Stars

Amber, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
Fook Lam Moon, Hong Kong
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, The Landmark, Hong Kong
Ming Court, Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong
Petrus, Hong Kong
T’ang Court, The Langham, Hong Kong
Shang Palace Hong Kong Tim's Kitchen Macau

One Star

Fook Lam Moon (Wanchai branch), Hong Kong
Forum, Hong Kong
Hutong, Hong Kong
Imperial Court, MGM Grand Hotel, Macau
Lei Garden (both the IFC and TST branches), Hong Kong
Ming Court, Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong
Petrus, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
Pierre (as in Gagnaire), Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
Regal Palace, Regal Hongkong Hotel, Hong Kong
Shanghai Garden, Hong Kong
The Eight, Macau
The Golden Leaf, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong
The Square, Hong Kong
Tim’s Kitchen, Hong Kong
Tung Yee Heen, Mandarin Oriental, Macau
Ying, Crown Macau
Yung Kee, Hong Kong
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