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Things to Do in Hong Kong


As one of the world's great cities, you'll find there are more things to do in Hong Kong than there is time to do them. Below you'll find the best tours, sights and festivals, as well as guides to the city's famous shopping scene, to make sure you enjoy the best things to do in Hong Kong.
  1. Experience Hong Kong
  2. Take a Tour of Hong Kong
  3. Hong Kong's Best Sights
  4. Shopping in Hong Kong
  1. Restaurants and Food in Hong Kong
  2. The City's Biggest and Brightest Festivals
  3. Top Tips for Travel to China

Experience Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a unique city with a unique history, and, because of this it has plenty of unique experiences. Museums and tours are all very well, but Hong Kong is really a city that has to be experienced to be understood. Below, you'll find some of the best ways to enjoy the best Hong Kong has to offer.

Take a Tour of Hong Kong

The regal Peninsula Hotel

From sky scraping tours via helicopter to boating around traditional sea faring communities, our list of organized tours has a tour for everyone. Alternatively, you can try one of our self-guided, themed tours, taking in some of Hong Kong's best, and lesser known, sights.

Hong Kong's Best Sights

Hong Kong is a treasure island of sightseeing, aside from the famed skyline, the city, perhaps more than any other, is bursting with life, color and noise, boasting plenty of sights for both city slickers and country explorers.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Causeway Bay

Hong Kong is world renowned for its vibrant shopping scene. From bargain basement markets to swanky designer stores, the city, and its residents, are addicted to shopping. Check out the articles below for insider tips on where to go, what to look for and, most importantly, how to get a good price.

Restaurants and Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a first class city for food, from the best Cantonese food in the world to some of its most accomplished chefs. Dining out in the city rightly has a reputation for melting credit cards and the many Michelin starred restaurants will do just that, but there are also plenty of excellent budget bets. You'll find both below.

The City's Biggest and Brightest Festivals

Chinese New Year Decorations

Hong Kong is in the perpetual grip of some festival, from fiery dragon dances to an arsenal of fireworks the city knows how to lay on a celebration. Below are both the city's traditional Chinese celebrations, as well as big ticket events like the Hong Kong Sevens.

Top Tips for Travel to China

Hong Kong is well integrated with its Chinese mainland neighbours, and both Shenzhen and Guangzhou are popular day trips with those staying in Hong Kong. Below we look at visa regulations, cheap flights and what to do across the border.

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