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Old Hong Kong

Old Hong Kong Sights


Hong Kong is world-renowned for its break-neck speed and 24-hour lifestyle, however scratch the surface and old Hong Kong and its traditional side is not far away. Old Hong Kong is the festivals and the temples, and many Hong Kongers live with many traditions.

Tai Chi

Not only can you sample Tai Chi in Hong Kong, but you can sample Tai Chi for free. Tai Chi is an essential part of many Hong Kongers daily life, whether to unwind or keep fit. The Hong Kong Tourism board offers tourists the opportunity to take in a free Tai Chi lesson from the beautiful Peak.


The iconic bat-winged boats that used to clog up Hong Kong's famed harbor have long fallen as victims to progress, however it is possible to still take a ride in one of these majestic junks. The Hong Kong Tourism Board, amongst others, still offer cruises through the lights of the harbor, the tourism board even does one for free.


It may seem that Hong Kong is an unrepentant capitalist, always looking forward, but for many people a visit to one of the city's hundreds of temples is a daily activity. Bursting with color and noise, Hong Kong's temples are as invigorating as they are fascinating. Try and visit on a festival day to see the temple thronging with people paying respects to their ancestors with food and prayers.


The city always seems to be dancing to the beat of one festival or another, and frankly, is all the better for it. From the explosive Chinese New Year, to the dragon dances of the Mid-Autumn Festival, various ancient celebrations give Hong Kong an excuse to get their party groove on.

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