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Hong Kong One Day Tour


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A Whistle Stop Tour of the City's Best Sights
Hong Kong One Day Tour

Hong Kong by Night

Martyna Szmytkowska

If time is of a premium, this one-day whistle stop tour will take you around Hong Kong's must see sights. Before you get underway, make your way to an MTR, subway, station and buy an Octopus - not the eight-armed variety, but an Octopus card. These handy cards allow you to swipe your way onto all of the city’s transport options. A HK$150 outlay will give you $100 credit, while the remaining $50 can be claimed back when you turn the card in – the Octopus will give you more than enough ammo to complete this one-day tour. A map is always useful but for the most part major sights are well signposted and Hong Kong has a number of strategically placed maps, even in rural areas.

One Day Hong Kong Itinerary
Morning: Peak Tower and Peak Tram
Lunch: Cafe Deco at the Peak
Afternoon: New Territories, Ten Thousand Buddahs Monastery
Dinner: Yung Kee, famous Cantonese restaurant
Evening: See the Nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong

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