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Photo Tour of Central Hong Kong


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Hong Kong’s Skyline
Photo Tour of Central Hong Kong

Hong Kong by Night

Martyna Szmytkowska

The whole of Hong Kong Island, and increasingly Kowloon, is peppered with skyscrapers, however, it’s Central that is the true home to these cloud high buildings. The iconic snapshots of Hong Kong seen all around the world, like that above, are focussed on the Central district, the home of the skyscraper.

This is where the banking industry that made Hong Kong a world city is based and many of the buildings such as the HSBC building and Bank of China Tower are set around Central’s streets.

Before the banks arrived, this was the original Hong Kong’s government district and the city’s finest colonial architecture, such as government house and the governor’s house, can still be seen in the area.

This is also Hong Kong’s flashiest districts with the swankiest malls and boutiques along with the heaviest price tags, strewn through the streets.

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