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Hong Kong Hikes Top 5


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Lion Rock Hike
Hong Kong Hikes Top 5

Lion Rock Hike

Copyright: WzA HK/Flickr/Creative Commons

This is arguably the most ambitious of the Hong Kong hikes we list. If you’re looking to get dirt under your fingernails and grass in your underpants, this is the hike for you. Set in the great green outdoors of Hong Kong’s New Territories, Lion Rock Country Park is one of the earliest parks in Hong Kong. It forms part of the MacLehose Trail, a hiking path that crosses the New Territories from east to west. This hike, up to Lion Rock, is actually part 5 of the MacLehose Trail and well signposted.

The hiking is tough going; dipping between several sweat breaking peak climbs on stone tracks or off road. The reward is spectacular views over the New Territories and having Kowloon and Hong Kong Island laid out at your feet. You can see the whole city and this is a hike really made for one of Hong Kong’s rare clear days.

Difficulty: 4/5. Parts of the Lion Rock climb require all fours scrambling and you’ll need to be fit to reach the summit, walk the path and descend back down. It’s a hike you’ll certainly feel the next morning.

Where: There is a number of jumping on points. For the start of the trail head for the Gilwell campsite –you’ll need a taxi - that runs across Beacon Hill and ends at Tai Po Road.

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