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Mongkok Ladies Market Tour


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Welcome to Mongkok - Officially the Busiest Place on the Planet
Mongkok Ladies Market Tour
Martyna Szmytkowska

Hong Kong is packed with people, with 6 million crammed into a city that mostly sits on a piece of real estate no bigger than Manhattan. Mongkok is not only Hong Kong’s most populated area, but the world’s. According to the Guinness Book of Records Mongkok is the most densely populated place on the planet, squeezing in over 130,000 people per km2.

Mongkok means busy corner in Cantonese, and Mongkok is just that. Once the headquarters for the notorious Hong Kong Triads, this is now one of Hong Kong’s liveliest districts, jammed full of shops, street side stalls as well as Hong Kong’s famous Mongkok Ladies Market. Take our tour of Mongkok Ladies Market to get a slice of the real Hong Kong, and possibly a bargain as well.

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