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Hong Kong's Chunking Mansions


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Chungking Mansions Ethnic Food Shops
Hong Kong's Chunking Mansions

Chungking Mansions Ethnic Food Shops

Courtesy of Martyna Szmytkowska

Chunking is packed with market like shops, mostly selling food, although pirated Bollywood films, mobile phones and other various low-cost products can also be found.

These shops are only on the first floor, while restaurants and accommodation are on the upper floors. Many of the shops offer good-value on phone cards to call home, while the many fast food shops serve up excellent take-away Indian specialties, at bargain basement prices. However, be aware, if you have a sensitive stomach these shops are best avoided, the restaurants on the upper levels are however fine.

Chunking is also home to a variety of pirated DVD’s, computer software. You buy at your own risk and neither the Chinese security guard nor the Hong Kong Authorities will have any sympathy if you have bought a dud.

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