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Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas

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Hong Kong has many temples, but one of the best and certainly a favorite amongst tourists is the temple of the 10,000 Buddhas in the New Territories. The Temple of 10,000 Buddhas is stationed in the secluded greenery of the New Territories, featuring nearly 12,000 Buddha statues in various poses.


  • Dazzling selection of statues
  • Temple still in use
  • Secluded and picturesque location


  • Lotsof climbing
  • Out of town location


  • Reaching the Temple - KCR Train from Tsim Sha Tsui Station to Sha Tin Station from where the temple is signposted.
  • Opening Time - 10am - 5pm
  • Price - Free, although donations always welcome.

Guide Review - Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas

On arrival at the temple bad news awaits if your main daily exercise is brushing your teeth, there is a 431-step climb up to the temple and, unlike the rest of Hong Kong, there’s no lift.

The entrance to the temple is guarded by a variety of gods who you wouldn’t like to meet in a back alley. Inside you’ll be rewarded, by 12,800 miniature Buddha images, none of which, amazingly are the same. Outside is a peaceful 9-storey pagoda looking out over the lush greenery of the New Territories.

If the first climb didn’t have you calling the emergency services, a further 69 steps up the hill you’ll find the temple of Man Fat , which holds the remains of Yuet Kai, the founder of the complex.

Nearby the temple is the sattelite town of Sha Tin, one of Hong Kong's new towns, built for the overspill population from Hong Kong. The town is worth a wander in just to see the less glamorous side of Hong Kong.

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