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How to Get To Stanley Village Hong Kong by Bus?


Question: How to Get To Stanley Village Hong Kong by Bus?

Working out how to get to Stanley Village Hong Kong can be tough with several buses serving the village.


You can take bus 6, 6X, 6A, 66, 260 which all pick from Queensway in front of Admiralty MTR station. Buses to Stanley run from the south side of the road. The 6X is an express departure, while the 6A only runs during morning and evening peak hours. You can generally expect a bus serving Stanley to come along around every ten minutes. Prices range from HK$7.90 – HK$10.60 one-way. The journey time is around an 1hr, quicker with the express departure. Buses drop at the Stanley Bus Terminus near the Stanley Police Station, from where Stanley market and promenade is a short 5 minute walk.

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