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Symphony of Lights Review

Where to Watch the Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights show is the world’s largest, permanent light and show sound, and is nothing short of spectacular. Using the forest of skyscrapers that surround Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, the Symphony of Lights sees the skyline pulse and flash with spotlights and colored beams all set to music.

The show features 44 of Hong Kong’s most iconic skyscrapers and buildings, and is a carefully crafted and choreographed 14 minute extravaganza. If you’re in town, it really is a must and is a great hit with kids.

Where to Watch the Symphony of Lights:

Probably the best option for those who want to get a 360 degree picture of the Symphony of Lights is to join one of the dedicated harbour cruises. The ninety minute Symphony of Lights Harbor Cruise takes in the show and also offers drinks on board. Alternatively, you can take a trip on the Star Ferry, which pauses for a few minutes especially to allow passengers to enjoy the show.

Back on dry land, the best of the show takes place on Hong Kong Island, so the best vantage point is over in Kowloon. The Avenue of Stars, on the waters edge, offers a perfect view and also features a broadcast of the narration and soundtrack. Another good option, and substantially less crowded, is the Ocean Terminal pier just to the north of the Star Ferry Terminal.

If you’ve already caught the Hong Kong Island show and want to see the Kowloon side of the action, head for Golden Bauhina Square in Wan Chai, where music and narration is also broadcast.

When Is the Symphony of Lights:

The show takes place at 8p.m. each night. English speakers will want to catch the show on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. when the soundtrack is narrated in English. Sunday the narration is in Cantonese and the remaining days in Mandarin.

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