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Learn Martial Arts in Hong Kong

Schools and Masters Where You Can Learn Martial Arts in Hong Kong


Thanks to the high flying antics of Bruce Lee and other blockbuster stars, Hong Kong is synonymous with martial arts; but the city's relationship with martial arts runs far deeper than fleeting appearances on the sliver screen. Martial arts in Hong Kong is a passionate past time for many residents and remains the primary form of keeping fit. The city also has a rich history in developing and encouraging the growth of martial arts, and is home to some of the world's best trainings schools and most accomplished masters.

Many visitors are eager to learn martial arts in Hong Kong, but despite the abundance of schools and classes it can difficult for those who don't speak Cantonese to find a suitable class. The organisations and schools below all offer courses or special arrangements for English speakers. You should also keep in mind the length of time you'll be in Hong Kong, as most standard courses take place over a couple of months. Again, the courses listed below offer various special arrangements, including intensive day, week and month courses.

Bruce Lee's form of martial arts (Wing Chun) isn't especially popular in Hong Kong, but it is with visitors and tourists and we've listed schools that offer training in Wing Chun.

Prices for courses can vary widly, depending on both the quality of the master and, more importantly, the size of the class. English language instruction and one-to-one classes can attract a premium price. Many masters are willing to put together group English language classes, but it can take weeks or months to fill up a course. The earlier you contact the school, the better the chance of joining a group class.

  • Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre
    Shek Tsai Po, Tai O, Lantau

    Those looking to combine both the practical and spiritual sides of martial arts need look no further than the Shaolin Wushu Center. Offering overnight stays at their peaceful retreat on Lantau Island, the center is an ideal way to immerse yourself in Shaolin culture and learn the basics of a martial art.

  • Chinese International Kung-Fu School
    tel 2723 2306

    One of the city's biggest schools, Chinese International offers Wing Chun group instruction, including kids classes and parent and kid classes. Most courses tend to be long, at around 3-6 months, although they are willing to organise personal instruction.

  • Wan Kam Leung
    Tel 2388-5662

    Extensive experience in teaching English speaking visitors, offering Wing Chun classes for both groups and individuals.

  • Donald Mak International Wing Chun Institute
    Tel 9132 8162

    Offering Wing Chun lessons from beginner to master level, as practised by the Grang Master of the art Yip Man, Donald Mak gives regular classes at most levels. Chun also offers personalised tuition, as well as world tours, where he'll bring the classes to you.

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