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Star Ferry Hong Kong

Where to Catch the Hong Kong Star Ferry


The Hong Kong Star Ferry is one of the city’s iconic tourist attractions and has been plying Victoria Harbour, between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, since the late 1800’s. Decked out in their distinctive green and white livery, the Star Ferry is an integral part of the city’s history and remains beloved by both locals and visitors alike. Despite the warren of tunnels and rail lines that now criss cross Victoria Harbour, the ferry remains a popular and convenient way to cross Victoria Harbour, for tourists it’s an unbeatable way to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Hong Kong skyline. If you can't make it to Hong Kong, try our Star Ferry Photo Tour, which captures most of the magic moments.

Where to Catch the Star Ferry?

The Star Ferry runs along a number of routes, however the original, and most popular route, is between Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon and Central on Hong Kong Island. Ferries on this route run as frequently as every 8 minutes, cost HK$2.50 –HK$3.00 and take less than 10 mins. The first ferry is at around 6:30am and the final ferry at 11:30pm. Check out where to catch the ferry with the Star Ferry route map. Tokens for a ferry ride can be bought at the Star ferry terminal. There are also Star Ferry routes between Tsim Sha Tsui - Wan Chai, Hung Hom – Wan Chai, and Hung Hom- Central.

Tips for Riding the Star Ferry

  • Try to avoid the ferry during rush hours, when they can be crammed full of commuters. Alternately, wait for the sailing just before 8:00pm, when the boats pause in the middle of the harbour to allow passengers to watch the Symphony of Lights show.
  • Do pay slightly more for an upper deck ticket, the views over the harbour and onto the skyline are far better than on the lower deck.
  • Seats backs at the front and rear of the boat can be flipped, allowing you to sit facing the direction you’re travelling in and make the most of the view.
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