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Hong Kong For Kids

Activities and Events For Kids in Hong Kong


Visitors can see a wide range of ocean animals at Ocean Park's aquarium.
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Hong Kong for kids, doesn’t, at first, seem like an easy prospect, with it’s packed streets and oppressive heat, Hong Kong with kids actually seems like a nightmare – it doesn't have to be. With a constant crop of events and attractions, you’ll find the only thing you’ll be short of is time to fit it all in.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Recently celebrating its second anniversary, Mickeys South East Asian home has started to bounce back from the negative reviews it received on opening. While major rides are a little low on the ground, Disneyland is constantly opening more. Address: Hong Kong Disneyland, Sunny Bay. Hours: 10am -7pm daily.

  • Go See the Pink Dolphins
  • These rosy coloured sea mammals are easily Hong Kong's most amazing wildlife sight and their wave splashing acrobatics and a few hours on the open sea are sure to keep the kids from crying. The boats are well equipped with food, games and a gift shop for when the stars of the show fail to materialise, although the company boasts a 97% sighting success rate.

  • Symphony of Lights
  • Forget the latest Star Wars flick, and see the real deal with the world's biggest laser and light show. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront. Hours: 8pm daily.

  • Ocean Park
  • Still Hong Kong's premier theme park, Ocean Park is a family favorite, whose mix of exciting rides and educational seaworld exhibits, mean it has something for everybody. Abeerdeen, Hong Kong Island. Hours: 10am- 6pm, or 10am - 11pm in summer.

  • Hong Kong's Best Beaches If the weather's good, and it usually is, head for some of Hong Kong's outstanding beaches. Located all around the territory, you can take your pick from isolated islands, to city bolt-holes.

  • Hong Kong Festivals Hong Kong is in a constant rotation of festivals, when the city takes on an even more colorful and fun side than usual. From dragon dances to mooncakes, Hong Kong festivals are wonderfully kid friendly - click on the link above to find out what's going on when.

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum Kids generally find museums as interesting as you would Teletubbies, however the Heritage Museum has gone to special lengths to try and attempt the younger crowd, including an excellent, dedicated Discovery Centre - very hands on. 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin. Hours: 10am – 6pm, closed on Wednesdays.
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