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Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

Guide to Buying Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets


Buying Hong Kong Disneyland tickets is fairly straightforward, at least compared to the baffling selections available at some Disneyland parks. The standard Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price is HK$350 for a one-day adult entry. You can find out more about ticket prices below, including the difference between special days and peak days and which one is actually a normal entry ticket.

Prices for Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

  • One Day Ticket Prices
  • Adult: HK$350
  • Child: (3-11) HK$250
  • Senior: (65 and over) HK$170

    • Annual Passes
  • Adult: Value HK$650, Deluxe HK$1300, Premium HK$1800
  • Child: Value HK$460, Deluxe HK$930, Premium HK$1250
  • Senior: Value HK$370, Deluxe HK$740, Premium HK$1000

    Note: The Value pass gives you access to 230+ days, mostly from Monday to Friday, the Deluxe gives you access to 340+ days, including most weekends, and the Premium pass gives you access 365 days of the year.

    Need to Know About Buying Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

    • Special Day Tickets are stamped with a single day of entry and can only be used on that day. Peak day tickets are actually normal entry tickets and are valid for entry for six months from the date of purchase, excluding special days.

    • Special days tend to be high traffic days such as Chinese New Year and Golden Week, which both bring many visitors from China, or when the park is launching a new promotion or ride. It is advisable to book these tickets in advance as they can sell out.

    • Children under 3 years of age are given free entry to the park.

    • Guests staying at either of Hong Kong Disneyland’s hotels don't get free access to the park

    • The Annual Passes give certain discounts on Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel stays.
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