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Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Creation Museum

Review of Noah's Ark Hong Kong Creation Museum


Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Creation museum is undoubtedly one of the city’s oddest attractions. In a city where neither Christianity nor biblical floods are big news, the announcement that a replica of Noah’s Ark would be opening in Hong Kong filled up the local ‘weird news’ column for weeks. However, since they’ve laid down the gangplank, the attraction has made a big splash amongst Hong Kong’s youngsters, while also coming in for criticism for its hidden creationist message.

What Is Noah’s Ark Hong Kong?

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong was funded by a number of Christian organisations and three devoutly Christian Hong Kong billionaires, and is designed to “promote education and interest as well as love and harmony”. The project has had money lavished on it, and the finished product is well polished and full of kid friendly, interactive exhibits.

However, what you won’t see in the official literature is the fact that this is also a Creation museum, and if you find creationism hard to swallow, you’ll want to keep your kids away, as the promotion of this point of view is both subtle and strong.

What to See?

The Noah’s Ark attraction is part of a larger project known as Man Wa Park, although the big draw is obviously the ‘full sized replica’ Noah’s Ark. The park doesn’t state how they got their hands on the specifications for the original Noah’s Ark, but this one is certainly the biggest in the world.

Set over four levels, the Ark interior is dedicated to the re-telling of the Noah’s Ark story and weaving it into how it affects the world today, especially the environment and the climate. It’s basically a museum of Noah and creationism rolled into one. The retelling of the story is done through sophisticated multimedia presentations and hands-on exhibits that are a sure fire hit with the kids, yet are still strongly educational. The Ark, and the gardens outside, are also home to Noah’s menagerie of creatures, two of each of course, hand crafted from fibreglass and built to real life proportions.

Whether you believe in creationism or not, the grand size of the Noah’s Ark exhibition is undeniably impressive, especially set, as it is, underneath the equally impressive Tsing Ma Bridge.

Aside from the Ark itself, the park is host to Noah’s Adventureland, a complex of over twenty rope courses and Treausureland, a sort of mini science museum featuring hands-on, themed exhibits about subjects such as the human body, robots and nature. There are also restaurants and even a hotel on site.

Tell Me More about the Religious Aspect?

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is strongly religious and this is a creation museum. Without getting into a debate on creationism, the problem here is that the museum is less than upfront about its intentions and you’ll find no mention of creationism on their website. This is a fantastic park for kids, but everything in it revolves around promoting a creationist point of view and people should be aware of this before they bring their children here.

How to Get Tickets

Tickets can be bought either online or from the park itself and come in a number of packages offering varying amounts of access to the park and its attractions. The basic ticket, with access to the Ark itself, comes in at HK$90 or HK$65 for kids under 11. The park is busy at weekends and you may want to book ahead.

How to Get There

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is on an island and is reached by ferry from Central Ferry Pier 2 and run at least every thirty minutes from 6.30a.m.-11.30p.m.. Tickets cost HK$8 or HK$4 for under 12s. The ferry takes around 25 mins.

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