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Hong Kong Sightseeing

Hong Kong has much more diversity in sights than most people think. Aside from streets banked with skyscrapers, there is imposing colonial architecture, ornate temples and thousands of acres of country park. Take a look at the links below for the inside track on all of the city's must-see sites.
  1. Best of Hong Kong (5)
  2. Central Hong Kong Guide (4)
  3. Events in Hong Kong (9)
  4. Hong Kong Cityscape (6)
  5. Hong Kong Disneyland (4)
  6. Hong Kong Experiences (5)
  7. Hong Kong Island (1)
  8. Hong Kong Temples (2)
  9. Horse Racing in Hong Kong (3)
  10. Maps of Hong Kong (3)
  11. New Territories (2)
  12. Olympics in Hong Kong (3)
  13. Organized Tours (8)
  14. Photo Tours of Hong Kong (5)
  15. Reviews of Hong Kong Parks (3)
  16. Stanley Village (2)
  17. Theme Parks (4)
  18. Wan Chai Tourist Attractions (2)
  19. What to See in Kowloon (4)

Hong Kong Two Day Tour - Part Two
Part two of our forty eight hour tour of Hong Kong’s best sights, best value restaurants and some great places to enjoy a nightcap.

Hong Kong Sightseeing - Top Ten
Hong Kong sightseeing is some of the best in the world, and this top ten will give you enough to do for at least three or four days, depending on how you pace yourself. From sharks at Ocean Park to the skyline on the Peak, use this list to start your Hong Kong sightseeing.

Best of Hong Kong
You've heard it all; gravity defying skyscrapers and basement prices, Hong Kong's reputation gives it a well-deserved reputation as a world class city for tourists. Find out where to see the best of Hong Kong, from skyscrapers to museums.

Hong Kong Tours
Hong Kong has many tours taking in it's many sights. Take a look at these themed tours for a perfect sightseeing experience.

Five Best Places to View Hong Kong Harbor
Squeezed between the mountains of Kowloon and the soaring skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, its shimmering waters, reflecting the neon skyscrapers that bank it, are one of Hong Kongs most iconic images. Find out the five best places to view it.

Where to See the Pink Dolphin in Hong Kong
Pink Dolphin - This bizarrely coloured creature is one of nature's most impressive sights. We look at where you can see the pink dolphin, just don't expect Seaworld.

The Peak Hong Kong Tourist Guide
The Peak Hong Kong – Read our tourist guide to the Peak to find out about Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attraction.

British Hong Kong Tour
British Hong Kong – The Union Jack may have been lowered and the governor sailed off into the sunset but there is still plenty of British Hong Kong on show. Take our tour to see the best colonial sights in the city.

Places to See in Hong Kong
Ten places you must see in Hong Kong. We've covered the most obvious, such as the skyline and the markets, as well as the often overlooked, such as ancient, walled villages and the seafood restaurants on Lamma.

Big Buddha Hong Kong Tourist Guide
Big Buddha Hong Kong – One of the city’s most popular attractions, the grand Hong Kong Big Buddha statue on Lantau Island is an awe inspiring sight. Read all about it in our tourist guide

Hong Kong Noon Day Gun
Immortalized in the song Mad Dogs and Englishmen, the Noon Day Gun Hong Kong is one of the city's great colonial sights and is still fired every day thanks to the combustible temper of one of Hong Kong's previous governors.

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Creation Museum
Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Creation museum may be one of Hong Kong’s more eccentric attractions, but it’s also one of the best days out in town for kids. Read our full review of Noah’s Ark Hong Kong creation museum for the full low down.

Lantau Island Tourist Guide
Lantau Island - Find out about the Big Buddha, Ngong Ping Cable Car, Hong Kong Disneyland and, perhaps best of all, the leaping pink dolphins in our Lantau Island tourist guide.

Top Five Hong Kong Museums
While often overlooked for shopping and skyscrapers, Hong Kong museums are some of the best in the region and there are plenty to choose from. We select five of the best.

Hong Kong Park Guide
Set in the heart of Central, Hong Kong Park is one of the city’s best kept secrets; it features colonial buildings, an aviary and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Take English Tea at the Peninsula Hotel
One of Hong Kong’s most unique experiences, find out about the price, the times and the string orchestra at the colonial era, Peninsula Hotel afternoon tea sitting.

Visit Traditional Hong Kong Villages
Hong Kong has a number of intriguing traditional villages that offer ancient architecture and a step back into Hong Kong’s past. Find out what to see and how to find them.

Symphony of Lights Review
Review and best viewing positions for Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights Show.

What to See on Lamma Island
Lamma Island - Temples, hiking trails, and some of Hong Kong's best beaches are just a handful of the highlights in our what to see on Lamma Island guide.

Review of Hong Kong Zoo
What to see and do at Hong Kong zoo and biological gardens.

Hong Kong Discount Cards and Passes
We profile the good, the bad and the ugly of Hong Kong discount cards and passes.

Where to See the Chinese White Dolphin
Often pink in appearance, this pastel painted creature is one of nature's most impressive sights. We look at where you can see the Chinese white dolphin, just don't expect Seaworld.

Ngong Ping 360 - How to Get to the Ngong Ping Cable Car
Ngong Ping 360 – Instructions on how to get to Ngong Ping 360 by bus, train and taxi

Review of the Ngong Ping Cable Car Hong Kong
Ngong Ping Cable Car – Review of Ngong Ping Cable Car, including prices, information on attractions and discussion of problems with the ride.

Hong Kong Attractions - Top Five
The Hong Kong attractions listed below are the best the city has to offer, from museums to theme parks.

Things to Do in Hong Kong on a Budget - Top Ten
You might be surprised by the sheer amount of things to do in Hong Kong on a budget and you can easily spend a couple of days in the city without melting your credit card. Below are our top ten things to do in Hong Kong on a budget, where you'll not only free and cheap sights, but some of the city's best as well.

Things to Do in Hong Kong
From free Tai Chi on Victoria Harbour to bagging a bargain at the ladies market, the list of things to do in Hong Kong is endless, we’ve picked twelve of the best

Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong Review
Our review of Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong covers who’s their, and, in some cases, why they’re there, as well as whether a visit to Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong is worth your time

The Best Spas in Hong Kong
From a quick mud pack to a day long retreat, youll find the worlds best spas in Hong Kong. The citys residents are spa crazy, and for tourists in town for a couple of days it can be tough to pick out the best spa in Hong Kong. Weve sifted through the citys endless spa retreats looking at whats on offer and at what price; picking out five...

Traditional Hong Kong
Hong Kong is world-renowned for its break-neck speed and 24-hour lifestyle, however scratch the surface and traditional Hong Kong is not far away. Traditional Hong Kong is the festivals and the temples, and many Hong Kongers live with some fascinating traditions.

Hong Kong For Kids
Hong Kong for kids can be a daunting progress, but we've got a list of the best attractions and events to make time fly.

Hong Kong's Chunking Mansions
Hong Kong's Chungking Mansions, made famous by Wong Kar Wai, are one the city's best locations for cheap Indian food, budget accomodation and to see Hong Kong's past. See our picture guide to Chungking Mansions for the lowdown on this Hong Kong icon.

Hong Kong Beaches- Hong Kongs Best Beaches
Hong Kong beaches are some of the best in the region. Check out our guide to the top five Hong Kong beaches.

Bruce Lee's Home in Hong Kong and Museum
Find out what’s happening with Bruce Lees home in Hong Kong and what to expect in the forthcoming Bruce Lee museum.

Romantic Hong Kong
From helicopters and junk trips to picnics in the park, read our pick of the top eight Hong Kong romantic experiences.

Cheap Hong Kong Sightseeing
Cheap Hong Kong sightseeing can be difficult, however bargains can be found and some of Hong Kong's best sightseeing can be done for free, or almost free. Our top five, has the best of cheap Hong Kong sightseeing.

Modern Hong Kong
Hong Kong has always prided itself on being the model, modern city. It's image around the world of skyscrapers, neon lights and giant malls is not exaggerated. Your guide to seeing modern Hong Kong, in person, starts here.

Hong Kong's Central-Mid Levels Escalator - The Longest in the World
Hong Kongs Mid Levels Escalator is the longest system of escalators in the world. Winding from Central through Soho and up to Mid Levels, weve got all the essential information on the Hong Kong Central-Mid Levels Escalator

Public Golf Courses in Hong Kong
Pack your clubs for a trip around the best public golf courses and clubs open to non-members in Hong Kong

A Colonial Tour
Hong Kong has a very British history and nowhere is this colonial legacy better seen than in it's buildings. Take this half-day tour and see the best colonial sights in the city.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum - Discover the Past
Hong Kong Heritage Museum is the biggest museum in the territory and has had praise heaped on it since opening. Find out all about the museum in our review.

Tai O Village Guide
Visit Tai O Village – Ambitiously known as the Venice of Hong Kong, the traditional stilt houses at the Lantau village of Tai O are well worth...

Hong Kong Island Top Ten Sights
Hong Kong Island – Home of the skyscrapers of Central, the shopping of Causeway Bay , the bars of Wan Chai and more, we explore Hong Kong Island’s top ten sights

Hong Kong Temples
Hong Kong Temples – The biggest, the best and the most Buddhas in Hong Kong’s must see temples

Review of the Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental
Review of the Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Kowloon Park Tourist Guide
One of the biggest public parks in Hong Kong, our tourist guide to Kowloon Park looks at the sights, the outdoor swimming pool and the famous flamingos.

What to Visit in Hong Kong
Want to know what to visit in Hong Kong. Check out our quick fire guide to the top 5 essential sights

Review of the Hong Kong Museum of Art
In a city bursting with experiences, is it really worth visiting the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Find out in our review.

Star Ferry Hong Kong
Star Ferry Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Star Ferry is one of the city’s signature tourist attractions and a great way to see the famed Hong Kong skyline.

IFC Hong Kong Profile
Hong Kong IFC – Currently Hong Kong’s tallest building and one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world, IFC 2 Hong Kong is an iconic city landmark. Packed with great restaurants, shops and views, we take a look inside.

Hong Kong Handover Sights
Our Hong Kong handover sights cover the places where the historic Hong Kong handover took place as well as places to enjoy some British Hong Kong nostalgia.

Discovery Bay Hong Kong
What to see and where to eat in swanky Discovery Bay Hong Kong.

Cheung Chau Island Guide
Cheung Chau Island is one of Hong Kong’s most popular day trips. We look at its popular beaches, the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, the famous bun festival and more

Peng Chau Visitors Guide
A trip to the island of Peng Chau promises golden beaches, an atmospheric fishing village and superb seafood restaurants.

The Hopewell Centre Hong Kong
The glass bottomed lifts and Hong Kong Kong's only revolving restaurant at the Hopewell Centre offer some of the best views of the city skyline.

Mongkok Ladies Market Tour
One of the best markets in the city, not an easy boast, Mongkok Ladies Market features a myriad of goods at cheap, cheap prices, in one the city's most lively areas.

Peak Tower Visitors Guide
The Peak towering over Hong Kong is undoubtedely one of the most impressive sights in the city, and the Peak is a must-see on any sightseeing tour. Find out what it's all about in our visitors guide to the Peak

More famous for streets canyoned by skyscrapers, there are a number of Hong...
More famous for streets canyoned by skyscrapers, there are a number of Hong Kong hikes that are well worth escaping the big smoke for. We pick five of the best.

Statue Square Hong Kong
Statue Square sits at the centre of Central Hong Kong. Find out how to get there and what to see.

Wan Chai Visitors Guide

What to Do in Hong Kong When It Rains
Hong Kong in the Rain - Top five activities in Hong Kong when the rain forces you indoors.

Top 6 Wan Chai Sights
Top 6 Wan Chai Sights include the Blue House prewar tenement building, pipe bands at the Golden Bauhinia statue and a walk through the district’s Suzie Wong heritage.

DHL Balloon Hong Kong Review

Ngong Ping Village review
There’s been plenty of criticism of Ngong Ping village since it opened. We look at what all the grumbling is about and whether the village is actually worth visiting.

What should I do in Hong Kong?
What should I do in Hong Kong in two days, two weeks, a month – we answer the question for your itinerary

Hong Kong Two Day Tour
Our Hong Kong two day tour takes you around the city’s best sights, tastiest restaurants and liveliest nightlife. Hong Kong in 48 hours.

Hong Kong Two Day Tour - Part Three
The final part of our two day tour of Hong Kong takes in the best shopping, liveliest markets and a spot of Dim Sum.

Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum review
Review of the Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum in Hong Kong

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