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Travel from Hong Kong to Beijing China by Train


Whether planes have you reaching for the sick bag, or you just want to see a bit more of China, travel from Hong Kong to Beijing China by train is very doable option. Below you’ll find sections on times, trains, prices and passport control regarding travel from Hong Kong to Beijing China by train. Taking all the hassle out of the journey.


Timetables for the journey can look a little complicated, but once you get to grips with them are reasonably straightforward.

For timetable purposes, Hong Kong is known as Hung Hom (the station name) and Beijing as Beijing West. Basically, there is a train every second day. The train from Hong Kong is the T98 and in October 08 it runs on even days and in November and December 08 on odd days. The train leaves at 15:16 and arrives in Beijing the next day at 15:41, almost exactly twenty four hours later. The train from Beijing is the T97 and it runs on odd days during October 08 and even days during November and December 08. The train leaves at noon and arrives at 13:05 the next day.

Tickets and Train Types

Ticket prices for Hong Kong –Beijing are as follows All of the below are prices for one-way, adult tickets, children tickets are around twenty five per cent cheaper. Children are, somewhat callously, defined as those 5-9, under fives travel for free on the same seat or sleeper.

Deluxe Soft Sleeper HK$1191 (two berth)
Soft Sleeper HK$934 (four berth)
Hard Sleeper HK$574-Hk$601 (six berth)

(all classes are air conditioned)

There is a 10% discount for one way trips from 1May-14th July and 1st September to 31st December. There is a 20% discount for round-trips during the same periods.

You should be aware that the train is quite popular and can be booked up a few days in advance, especially during peak travel holiday periods such as Chinese New Year. You will need to buy tickets five days in advance, although this information is subject to frequent changes. Tickets can be bought from Hung Hom station itself, Beijing West and also the Hong Kong Ticketing phone line (00852 2947 7888).

Passport Formalities

Remember, Hong Kong and China have a formal border, including passport control and customs checks. You will also, most likely, need a visa for China. See our China Visa page for information on the availability of obtaining a Chinese visa in Hong Kong or our Do I Need a Hong Kong Visa page for travel in the other direction. Passengers in Hung Hom should arrive forty five minutes before departure for border formalities, in Beijing West the advised time is ninety minutes.

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