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Train from Hong Kong to Shanghai

Timetables and Prices for the Train from Hong Kong to Shanghai


Shanghai's Huangpu River and Bund district
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The train from Hong Kong to Shanghai is the easiest way to travel between the two cities. Below you’ll find information on where to catch the train, timetables and prices for the train from Hong Kong to Shanghai.

From Where?

In Hong Kong, all trains run from Hung Hom station in Kowloon and arrive at Shanghai central station.

Read our guide to Hung Hom Station for information on where to buy tickets, transport and other facilities.


The timetabling can be a little confusing, but basically it depends which month you’re travelling. Trains basically run every second day, either on an odd day or an even day depending on the month. See below for details.

From Hong Kong – Trains from Hong Kong run on either odd or even days depending on the month, here is the key.
January –Odd
February –Even
March – Even
April – Odd
May – Odd
June – Even
July – Even
August – Odd

Trains from Shanghai run the following day. So in January, trains from Shanghai run on even days and in February on odd days.

The T100 from Hong Kong leaves at 15:15 and arrives at 11:10 the following day. The T99 train from Shanghai leaves at 17:09 and arrives at 12:56 the following day. The journey takes around twenty hours.

Prices and Tickets

Ticket prices below are for one-way adult tickets, children , somewhat callously defined as 5-9, are around twenty five percent cheaper and under fives can travel free, if they sleep on the same sleeper.

Deluxe Soft Sleeper HK$1039 (two berth)
Soft Sleeper HK$825 (four berth)
Hard Sleeper HK$508-Hk530 (six berth)

(all classes are air conditioned)

You should be aware that the train is quite popular and can be booked up a few days in advance, especially during peak travel holiday periods such as Chinese New Year. You will need to buy tickets five days in advance, although this information is subject to frequent changes. Tickets can be bought from Hung Hom station itself, Shanghai Station and also the Hong Kong Ticketing phone line (00852 2947 7888). The MTR website has more information.

Passport Formalities

Remember, Hong Kong and China have a formal border, including passport control and customs checks. You will also, most likely, need a visa for China. See our China Visa page for information on the availability of obtaining a Chinese visa in Hong Kong or our Do I Need a Hong Kong Visa page for travel in the other direction. Passengers in Hong Kong should arrive forty five minutes before departure for border formalities, in Shanghai the advised time is ninety minutes.

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