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Hong Kong to China Travel

Travel from Hong Kong to China is frequent and cheap, the city isn't called the Gateway to China for nothing. Through planes, trains and automobiles we cover the best Hong Kong to China travel from Beijing, Shanghai and the rest of China.
  1. Getting to Beijing (3)
  2. Getting to Shanghai (3)
  3. Getting to Shenzhen (4)
  4. Guide to Guangdong and the Region (6)
  5. Guide to Guangzhou Travel and More (13)
  6. Shenzhen Visa Explained (4)

Shopping in Shenzhen
Let our Guide to Shopping in Shenzhen walk you in the right direction for the best bargains.

Price of a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong
Price of a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong – Full prices of Chinese visas in Hong Kong by nationality and speed of delivery.

Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong
Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong Rules and regulations about obtaining a Chinese visa in Hong Kong change rapidly, our monthly updated page has the most current information.

Day Trips from Hong Kong - Top Five
Day trips from Hong Kong are popular with many people wanting to see a slice of China seeing as it�s just over the border. Macau is almost certainly the most popular day trip from Hong Kong, but there is much more on offer. See our top five day trips below for a selection of the best all just a few hours from Hong Kong

Shenzhen Airlines Profile
Shenzhen airlines can be a good way to save money on internal flights in China. Our Shenzhen airlines profile looks at destinations, prices, and whether you should actually use this budget airline. We also answer the question about needing a Hong Kong visa, if you’re flying to Hong Kong first.

China Travel Planner
Travelling to China from Hong Kong is a road taken by many a traveller. We look at the visas, transport, and other issues for those who want to travel from Hong Kong to China.

Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou
The train from Hong to Guangzhou is the best connection between the two cities. See our guide to the train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou for information on timetables, prices and more.

Shenzhen Airport vs Hong Kong Airport - Cheap Flights from Shenzhen
Shenzhen Airport vs Hong Kong Airport is a current hot topic. With Hong Kong such a busy transit point for travellers to the region, we find out if Shenzhen airport is cheaper to fly from than Hong Kong Airport. To China, South East Asia and the World is Shenzhen Airport the cheapest?

Top Ten China Attractions
A list of China's top ten attractions from Sara Naumann, the About.com Guide to China.

Best Sights in Shenzhen
Some dryly state that the best sights of Shenzhen are it's shops, they might be right. Shenzhen certainly lacks the bonafida sights that most cities of eight million can boast, unsuprising considering the city was little more than a fishing village fifty years ago. However, as the city has expanded, they have also thrown up some attractions, from Soviet era aircraft carriers to mini Eiffel towers…

Where to Buy Electronics in Shenzhen
Electronics in Shenzhen One of the citys great bargains, we look at where to buy electronics and computer equipment in Shenzhen and the SEG Electronics Market

Hong Kong to China - everything you need to know
Hong Kong to China - Visas, transport and the Great Chinese firewall everything you need to know.

Guangdong guide
One of China’s richest provinces, our introduction to Guangdong covers the regions rich history as well as introducing the cuisine, culture and major attractions.

Guangzhou Hotels - International Hotels in Guangzhou
Guangzhou hotels you'll know - If you're looking for a logo you'll recognize, these top five international hotels in Guangzhou are likely to be familiar.

Hotels at Guangzhou Airport
We review the handful of hotels at Guangzhou Airport

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