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Plan Your Trip to Hong Kong


Plan your trip to Hong Kong with our essential guide to everything from visas and hotels, to finding the best airfares and getting your mouth around tongue-twisting Cantonese.
  1. General Travel Advice
  2. How to Get Here
  3. Health and Saftey Info
  4. Hong Kong On A Budget
  1. Where to Stay
  2. Getting Around Hong Kong
  3. Culture and History

General Travel Advice

The basics - such as visas, language and what to do in an emergency.

How to Get Here

One of the world's great travel hubs, Hong Kong is also becoming one of the world's great travel bargains. Between Oasis and Dragon Airlines, as well as nearby Shenzhen Airport, it' never been cheaper to reach Hong Kong. This section will also give you tips on how to reach the city from both Hong Kong's gleaming airport and Shenzhen.

Health and Saftey Info

Hong Kong's humid climate can make it a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty diseases and infections. Here you'll find essential information on some of Hong Kong's most famous outbreaks and what you need to know about them, as well as answers to standard traveller health questions. We've also covered the most commonly asked questions about crime and safety in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong On A Budget

Hong Kong has a fearsome reputation for being one of the world's pricier cities and it's corporate credit card priced hotels and restaurants make it a reputation that isn't wholly undeserved. Take a look at the tips below to enjoy the best of Hong Kong on a budget.

Where to Stay

From palatial palaces to bargain beds for a night, Hong Kong has a great selection of accommodation.

Getting Around Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the most integrated transport systems in the world, and it's tentacles strech all over the territory. Nevertheless, with at least six forms of public transport, not to mention one hundred islands, transport does take some know-how. Learn how to use an Octopus card, and the joy of a HK$2 tram trip.

Culture and History

Hong Kong's history might be short, but it's eventful , from British colony to Chinese SAR, Hong Kong is nothing, if not complicated. The city has an equally rich tapestry of culture, such as it's Kung-Fu film industry and as a home for Chinese contemporary art.

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