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Hong Kong Weather Season by Season


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Fall Weather In Hong Kong

We start with Hong Kong weather in fall (September - Mid-December), as this is firmly the best time to land in Hong Kong. During fall, humidity is low, while temperatures are warming and skies are bright; it's a perfect time to be in the city and be outdoors without the crushing heat of summer. Fall weather in Hong Kong is also the most predictable, with sudden changes in the weather unlikely.


T-Shirt and shorts weather for most of the season, although you're advised to bring a sweater for evenings, especially towards the end of fall.

Average Temp and Rainfall

The average temperature during fall is 24C (75F).At just 20-30mm rainfall is very light and there are few rainy days, especially towards the end of the year. The lack of rainfall means you can probably ignore our What to Do in Hong Kong When It Rains article as the skies are for the most part cloud free.

Average Humidity

Humidity between September and December starts at an average of 83% dropping to 74%. This sees humidity discomfort move from medium to low. You can find out more about what these numbers mean in our Average Hong Kong Humidity article, which breaks down the numbers month by month and explains the ratings.

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