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Weather in Hong Kong for Each Month


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Weather in Hong Kong in August
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Air Conditioner - an essential in a Hong Kong house

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August in Hong Kong marks the slow improvement of the city’s weather after the downpours, thunderstorms and humidity of the summer. The average temperature in August remains high at 29C (84F).

Humidity remains incredibly high in August and any outdoor exercise, including walking, will result in your shirt being turned into a dishcloth as your body finds new places to sweat from. This is not an enjoyable time to explore the city’s outdoors, although air conditioned public transport does help, as does a slew of indoor attractions.

The summer rains are finally and slowly on the retreat, with August in Hong Kong seeing an average of 367mm of rain and just 15 days of wet weather. August is in the middle of the typhoon season and Hong Kong is usually affected a couple of times a year.

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