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How to Get to Cheung Chau Island

Take A Ferry to Cheung Chau


Getting to Cheung Chau Island can be tricky. The only way to reach Cheung Chau is via ferry from Central. Ferries depart from Central Pier 5 in front of IFC Mall.

Ferries between Central and Cheung Chau run roughly every 30 mins, usually at 15 and 45 mins past the hour between 06:00 and 00:30. There are also overnight ferries at 01:30 and 04:15.

Ferries are alternately ordinary and fast class.

Prices for the ordinary ferry are HK$16.80
Prices for the fast ferry are HK$22.50

Fast ferries take around 45 mins and ordinary ferries around 1hr.

Note: The ferry timetable for Sunday is amended and prices are higher. If you’re travelling to Cheung Chau for the bun festival, there will be extra ferries servicing the route.

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