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July in Hong Kong

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July Weather

July in Hong Kong sees plenty of rain and plenty more humidity, but luckily Hong Kong has plenty going on indoors to keep you occupied during July in Hong Kong.

Average High 90F (32C) Average Low 81F (27C)

July is oppressively hot and humid with regular monsoon downfalls. Typhoons in Hong Kong are occasionally seen in July, bringing high winds and plenty of rain.

What to Wear

  • An umbrella can be used both for the frequent downpours, but also to deflect the intense sun, a source of protection pioneered by the locals.
  • A light sweater is useful as everywhere in Hong Kong is air conditioned, often like a fridge
  • Light cotton T-Shirts are useful in the soup-like humidity, allowing your body to breath.

Need to Know

  • First time visitors should be wary of the humidity, which will leave you soaked in sweat after ten minutes of walking. Be sure to take on plenty of liquids to battle against dehydration.
  • If outdoors for more than twenty minutes, consider sun lotion or a cap, the Hong Kong sun is mercisley direct.
  • If traveling to the countryside, bring mosquito repellent.

    July Pros

    • The sea in July on average reaches a very pleasant 27C and the ideal time to visit the Hong Kong Beaches.
    • The Hong Kong shopping festival is a welcome indoors attraction.
    • Hong Kong is effectively Typhoon -proof, and it can be fascinating to see the force of mother nature.

    July Cons

    • Rain rain and more rain.
    • The humidity makes it difficult to do much walking outdoors.

      July Events

      • 24-27 July Asia Trophy Soccer Tournament – Three of the British Premier Leagues best teams and one of China’s do battle for the Asia Trophy. Teams scheduled in this season are Liverpool, Fulham and Portsmouth, as well as local team South China.
      • 28-29 July - Lan Kwai Fong Beer Festival – Hong Kong’s party headquarters of Lan Kwai Fong does its best impression of Oktoberfest, as its streets turn into a carnical of beer and food stalls. You can also expect plenty of singing, dancing and live entertainment.
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