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Flights from Hong Kong to Shanghai

Carriers, Prices and Essential Advice


Flights from Hong Kong to Shanghai are frequent and fairly priced; however, they are also popular, and can often be full at short notice. Below you’ll find general advice on how and where to book, price advice and a list of airlines offering flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

Price Advice

There are upwards of twenty connections between Hong Kong and Shanghai daily, meaning frequent connections. The downside is that the route is dominated by a handful of carriers, keeping prices artificially high. Average prices for a return flight are between $250 and $300 (inclusive of taxes), although you’ll need to book ahead to access the best prices. Cathay Pacific is probably considered the routes main carrier and their high prices reflect their domination.

General Advice

  • You will almost certainly find cheaper flights from nearby Shenzhen Airport. Shenzhen is less than an hour from Hong Kong and flights from Shenzhen Airport are treated as internal China flights attracting discounts of up to 50%. Find out more in our Cheap Flights from Shenzhen Airport article.

  • Remember, although Hong Kong is part of China, for border and passport issues they are wholly separate. You will need a Chinese visa, if you’re planning to visit Shanghai.

  • Travel between Hong Kong and Shanghai on Chinese New Year is practically impossible unless you book a few months in advance. Even then, with the massive crowds it’s hard to recommend.

Airlines Flying from Hong Kong to Bangkok

This is a reasonably exhaustive list of airlines flying the route and it remains fairly static because of controls by the Chinese government. All airlines below offer a direct connection unless otherwise stated.

  • Cathay Pacific, China Eastern Airlines, Dragon Air, Shanghai Airlines If you're heading to Shanghai, do swing over to About China, our sister site, for the low down on China's coolest city.
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