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Hong Kong Currency - The Hong Kong Dollar explained


Hong Kong currency is the Hong Kong Dollar, which is pegged to the US dollar. The Hong Kong dollar is fully interchangeable and you’ll find most major exchange bureaus around the world will stock notes from Hong Kong. The Hong Kong dollar is usually shortened to HKD or HK$.

Hong Kong’s currency is still a mixture of coins from the previous British administration and newer ones from after the Hong Kong Handover, both are legal tender, so don’t worry if you see Her Majesty staring back at you. It’s also worth noting that Hong Kong bank note currency is issued by a number of banks, so notes will not always be the same.

Where Can I Use the Hong Kong Dollar

The Hong Kong dollar is only legal currency in Hong Kong. It can also be used almost everywhere in Macau, alongside the Macau Pataca, although at shops and restaurants you’ll receive an unfavourable 1:1 exchange rate. The Hong Kong dollar cannot be used in Mainland China, not even in Gunagdong, and while shops in Shenzhen were previously happy to take the dollar, since the currency shift, this is no longer the case.


Below you’ll find a full list of the notes available in Hong Kong and their value in US dollars.

  • HK$1000 = $130
  • HK$500 = $65
  • HK$100 = $13
  • HK$50 = $6
  • HK$10 = $1
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