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British Consulate Hong Kong

Contact Details and Transport Information for the British Consulate


The British Consulate in Hong Kong is the biggest British consulate in the world and due to the UK’s special relationship with its former colony, a defacto embassy. Below, you’ll find contact information for the British Consulate in Hong Kong.

Contact Details for the British Consulate

1 Supreme Court Road
Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2901 3000
Web: http://ukinhongkong.fco.gov.uk/en/ Hours: 08:30 -17:15

How to Reach the British Consulate in Hong Kong

The best way to reach the consulate is via the MTR. Take the MTR to Admiralty station and take the exit marked Pacific Place. Once inside the Pacific Place mall, you need to follow the signs for Hong Kong Park. As you exit for Hong Kong Park, the British consulate is the massive building to the left. Look for the flag.

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