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Visiting Hong Kong? Good choice. Now you'll want to get down to planning your trip. In this section, you'll find the lowdown on; when to go, how to get there, onward travel and other travel essentials
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How to Travel to Hong Kong
The exhaustive guide on how to travel to Hong Kong by plane, train, ferry and even cargo ship

What's Your Worst Hong Kong Travel Experience?
Worst Hong Kong Travel Experiences - From cockroaches to copy watches, you tell us your worst Hong Kong travel experience.

Bad Hong Kong Travel Experience
We took some of the most frequent traveller complaints about Hong Kong and put them into a top five list if how to avoid a bad Hong Kong travel experience.

Can I Use Chinese Yuan in Hong Kong?
Chinese Yuan in Hong Kong - Chinese Yuan is not the currency of Hong Kong, but can be used in certain stores and shops.

Can I Bring My Pet to Hong Kong
Can I bring my pet to Hong Kong – The rules for bringing cats, dogs and other pets into Hong Kong are complex. See our guide for an explanation of the required permits, and certificates, as well as the quarantine rules for your specific country.

Phones in Hong Kong
Phones in Hong Kong – See our guide for where you can and where you can’t use Hong Kong's free phone system.

How to Get to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre?
Step by step instructions on how to get to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre by MTR, bus, taxi and from Hong Kong airport.

Hong Kong Airfare Deals
Weekly updated selection of the best airfare deals from Hong Kong to London, New York and other major world cities.

How to Get to Lamma Island
How to take a ferry to Lamma Island Hong Kong, including timetables, fares and advice on which ferry to take.

How to Get to Cheung Chau Island
How to Get to Cheung Chau Island Find out how to take the ferry to the isolated island of Cheung Chau.

Hong Kong Bus Network Advice
Hong Kong Bus – Advice on Hong Kong buses for tourists; including payment, hours and how you know when to get off.

What Time Is It in Hong Kong
Find out what time it is in Hong Kong and the time difference between Hong Kong other major world cities.

Hong Kong Time Zone - What is Hong Kong's Time Zone
Hong Kong Time Zone – Find out about the Hong Kong Time Zone of China Standard Time.

Budget Guide to Hong Kong
Budget Guide to Hong Kong Find out how to save money in one of the worlds most expensive cities in our budget guide to Hong Kong, including tips on cheap accommodation, food, sightseeing and more.

Hong Kong Currency - The Hong Kong Dollar Explained
Hong Kong Currency explained – Find out about the Hong Kong currency, the Hong Kong Dollar, what it’s worth and where it can be used.

Flights from Hong Kong to London
Flights from Hong Kong to London – Undoubtedly the best connection Hong Kong has outside Asia is with London, and there is a good selection of carriers providing flights from Hong Kong to London. We’ve got an updated list of carriers, from best to budget, as well as prices, deals and essential advice before you book.

Interesting Facts About Hong Kong
Facts About Hong Kong. A selection of interesting facts about Hong Kong, from Rolls Royces to Mad Dogs.

What Country is Hong Kong in?
What country is Hong Kong in, youll hear the city is its own city country, that its part of China and, for those whove been sleeping for the past ten years, a colony of Britain. From laws and politics to borders and visas, we tell you exactly what country China is in.

Is Hong Kong Expensive? - Prices in Hong Kong
Many visitors want to know, is Hong Kong expensive? with most assuming that it is. While prices in Hong Kong can certainly be top heavy, the city has an unfair reputation for putting huge dents in peopleÂ’s wallets. We take a look at the prices in Hong Kong for transport, food and other essentials.

Where Can I Find Left Luggage Facilities and Lockers in Hong Kong?
Weve got a list of left luggage facilities and lockers in Hong Kong. Find out where to find and how to use the left luggage facilities in Hong Kong. Including the airport and train station

Hong Kong Geography
Our guide to Hong Kong's major areas is the easiest way to get to grips with Hong Kong geography.

Pre-Departure Essential Information
Everything from visas to transportation. Plan your trip to Asia's world city.

Free internet and Wifi in Hong Kong
Trying to stay connected on the road is more important than ever, check out our list of libraries and coffee shops that offer free internet and Wifi in Hong Kong. Top tips on free internet and Wifi in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Communications: How to Buy a Hong Kong Sim Card
The best way to stay in touch while you're abroad is to buy a Hong Kong SIM card. Find out how to buy a Hong Kong SIM card here.

How Many Islands Does Hong Kong Have?
How many islands does Hong Kong have. You might be surprised. In a city that revolves around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, the number of Islands in Hong Kong is surprisingly large.

Hong Kong vs Singapore - Should I Visit Hong Kong or Singapore
Hong Kong vs Singapore is a grudge match to rival the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. We compare sights, transport, shopping and more to answer should I visit Hong Kong or Singapore

Geo Expat
A fantastic site, with information for expats in Hong Kong and those thinking of moving. Check out the lively forums, for discussions of expat and Hong Kong issues.

Hong Kong Immigration Firm Emigra
Thinking of working in Hong Kong? This website from Emigra, a Hong Kong based immigration consultancy, contains all the information you need.

Hong Kong Tourism Board
The Hong Kong Tourism Board has a comprehensive site with listings on sightseeing, dining, shopping and much more. They also have an excellent events section with coverage on all of Hong Kong's big events.

South China Morning Post
Hong Kong's main English daily contains information on everything that's going on in the territory. Note: Many of the areas require subscription.

Hong Kong Observatory
Typhoons, monsoons, Hong Kong has some extreme weather. The Hong Kong Observatory has up-to-the minute weather information as well as current weather warnings.

Online Language Survival Guide
This accessible site from New Concept Mandarin has some survival Cantonese and Mandarin phrases, as well as an audio option so you can hear those tricky tones.

Traffic Jams in China
Traffic Jams in China - One hundred mile tailbacks and nine day traffic queues are just some of the headlines, so why are traffic jams in China so bad

How to Get to Tai O
How to Get to Tai O Transport to Tai O Fishing Village by bus and ferry

Plan Your Vacation in Hong Kong
Vacation in Hong Kong with our guide to when to go, visas, prices, hotels, where to bag a bargain flight and more

Hong Kong Travel FAQ
Hong Kong Travel Q&A – From is Hong Kong the same country as China to cheap hotels and how much a trip will cost.

How to catch a night bus in Hong Kong

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