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Buy in Hong Kong

What to Buy in Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s demise as a shopping paradise is much exaggerated and there are still plenty of bargains to be found in the city. The days of saving buckets full of money when shopping in Hong Kong are gone, but there are a number of products that are still cheap to buy in Hong Kong and you should still get a bargain when compared to UK, US or Australian prices. Below, you’ll find a list of the top five what’s cheap to buy in Hong Kong products.

1. Computer Equipment

Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Centre
bensonkua/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0
Consider this the land of the nerds. Hong Kongers love their computers and you’ll find the world’s cutting edge technology at very reasonable prices. Hong Kong has a number of computer markets, dedicated buildings featuring hundreds of independent sellers flogging computer hardware and software and, if you know what you want and how much you want to pay, you can make a killing cost wise. Laptops, gaming equipment and digital bits and pieces are all on offer at excellent prices.

2. Suit

Hong Kong is hands down the best place in the world to pick up a superbly cut suit at a bargain price. The Indian and Chinese tailors here are some of the most talented in the world and continue to suit up British royalty, army top brass and the world’s biggest celebrities. Prices are also excellent, and whether you want double breasted, Italian fabric or a cheap and cheerful linen number, you’ll find it here. Tailors are also well geared to the globe trotting business crowd and can organise suits in 48hrs. Some of the celebrity tailors even go on world tours.

3. Electronics

Hong Kong has long been lauded as a haven for picking up cheap electronics, unfortunately prices are no longer as competitive as they once were and you’ll need to be a little wiser when looking for deals. In general, the chain shops here will be no cheaper than in the US and only slightly cheaper than the UK; to save money, you’ll need to hit the thousands of independent retailers. And, if you’re willing to forgo a brand name, and a warranty, imitation music players can had for buttons, while photographic equipment remains cheap.

4. Clothes

Hong Kong used to be the workshop of the world and while most of the globe’s clothes now bear the stamp Made in China, they are made just across the border in Guangzhou. Hong Kong is still awash with cheap clothes and you’ll find hundreds of shops all over the city selling cut price clothing for little more than a couple of dollars. And, while the dresses and shirts might not say H&M or GAP, at least some of the clothing looks similar. Sham Shui Po and Causeway Bay are good fashion neighbourhoods to poke around.

5. Luxury Goods

They certainly aren’t cheap, at least in the traditional sense, but Hong Kong probably squeezes more luxury boutiques and stylish emporiums per square block than anywhere else on the globe – Dubai excepted. The streets of Central are stuffed with the likes of Gucci, Luis Vuitton and Armani, not to mention a long list of ‘only shop in Asia’ designers and jewellers.

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