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Antique Shops in Hong Kong - Top 10


There are an absolute slew of antique shops in Hong Kong appealing to both the casual browser and the serious collector. For the latter, you’ll find plenty of shops with specific specialisations, either based around a period, such as Qing or the Five Dynasties, or, more popularly, around certain items, such as furniture or earthenware. For the generalist there is an endless selection of inexpensive, smaller pieces.

Below we’ve picked our favourite antique shops in Hong Kong. All of the shops belowe will be well set up for shipping, usually at their expense, to all corners of the world and a few will even have outlet stores in the US or UK. If you're buying something large amake sure you're clear on who is going to be paying out for the shipping.

1. Arch Angel Antiques

One of Hong Kong’s biggest and most respected antique shops, Altfield Gallery is a multifoor showroom for the best antiques from Asia, particularly, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. Alongside furniture and smaller jewellery pieces there is an emphasis on porcelain and larger stone items. Prices vary from the affordable for a small traveling mah-jong set to lottery winner prices for giant Buddha heads. Address: 58 Hollywood Road. MTR: Central

2. Altfield Gallery

Set up in 1980 Altfield Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s leading antique dealers and prime destination for shoppers looking to pick up Chinese furniture. Suppliers to boutiques, five star hotels and designer bars, the 18th and 19th furniture here is first class in both quality and price. Address: 248 Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road. MTR: Central.

3. Honeychurch Antiques

One of the oldest dealers in the business, Honeychurch Antiques has been wheeling and dealing up on Hollywood Road since the 60s. There is a solid selection here of fine Chinese porcelain, jewellery and burial items from as early as the Han Dynasty. There are also antiques from Burma, Tibet and other further flung regions of the map and the gallery is able to source specific requests from around Asia. Address: 29 Hollywood Road. MTR: Central

4. Teresa Coleman Fine Arts

Amongst the usual vases and statues, Teresa Coleman’s specialises in rare chi fu - the formal, silk woven dress of ministers to the court of Chinese emperors. Alongside the full dress are also various accessories, such as fans, jewellery and leather wares. Wonderfully offbeat, fantastically expensive. Address: 79 Wyndham Street. MTR: Central.

5. Tai Sing

Part of the furniture on Hong Kong’s antiques scene, Tai Sing is one of the city and the world’s leading dealers in Chinese antiques. With more than half a century of experience this is a family business with an exhaustless knowledge of quality antiques and a stock room that is equally extensive. In their two shops you’ll find jade, ceramics, furniture, clothing and everything in between, running through all the major Chinese dynasties. Like a museum. Address: 12 Wyndham Street. MTR: Central

6. Wattis Fine Art

An encyclopaedic collection of photos, posters, paintings and maps from old Hong Kong, China and the near region, much of what Wattis does is unique but the collection of snaps and paintings from colonial era Hong Kong are rare and a fantastic insight into the city’s past. Prices are not fun but they do have a very decent line in reproductions and the Hong Kong travel and advertising posters make a fine present. Address: 20 Hollywood Road. MTR: Central.

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