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5 Independent Hong Kong Shops


It’s not all about the shopping malls in Hong Kong. While chains and multi million pound developments dominate the Hong Kong shopping scene, offbeat Hong Kong shops can still be found - you just need to know where to look.

Hong Kong is certainly a city with a sense of style and fashionistas will be pleased to find a distinct Hong Kong style on the streets and boutiques of Causeway Bay as well as traditionally crafted Chinese cheongsams. See our pick of the best five unique Hong Kong shops below.

1. Liger

Founded by actress and stalwart of the Hong Kong fashion pages Hilary Tsui and the fashion designer brains behind the business Dorothy Hui, Liger is on the front foot of Hong Kong’s fashion trends. The pair have been responsible for many of Hong Kong’s fashion movements and the innovative designs that hang from their shelves are imitated and replicated on the streets of Mongkok months later. Inside a sparse boutique, you’ll find clothing from both international and local designers with a tip to undiscovered but stylish designers. A Hong Kong trendsetter.

Where: 1/F, 11 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

2. Double Dog

Picking something up that has been designed in Hong Kong can often mean shelling out for a premium price tag, not at Double Dog. This independent label produces stylized, casual streetwear that has more than a nod to the designs of hipsters in NYC and London. Aimed at men, expect lots of t-shirts, shirts and cardigans, many of which come stamped with the DD logo of Double Dog. Prices are fair given this is an independent label and such is their success that you can find their designs at stores in Sydney and Tokyo.

Where: 71 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

3. Kniq

Expect to find yourself rubbing shoulders with the city’s Cantopop stars and their hangers on at this glamorous boutique set amidst the shopping madness of Causeway Bay. Stocked with flashy clothing, from tussled scarves to sequined jumpsuits and studded socks, there are both local and international designers on offer. Perhaps unsurprisingly many of the deisgns are one offs or part of a limited range and while prices are not for the faint hearted you’re likely to find something to impress your friends – well that or blind them.

Where: 55 Patterson Street, Causeway Bay

4. Elements Eyewear

Looking for some spectacles to make you look spectacular, look no further than Elements. Owner Doris Wong hand crafts all of the glasses on sale here making just 100 of each design, which means you’ll have a genuinely unique piece of Hong Kong wrapped around your face every day. The glasses run from stylish business class to wild and wacky and there is obviously a passion for the funkier frames.

Where: Shop 155, 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay

5. Linva tailor

Traditional Chinese dress has seen somewhat of a resurgence over the last five years encouraged by the epic period Chinese dramas that have hit Hong Kong cinemas. Founded in the sixties Linva still hand cuts Cheongsams, traditional, high collared, low hem lined Chinese dresses. Made from silk the bright, bold colourful designs yet elegant style make them popular at parties or other special occasions. The shop offers both pre-made and personalised tailor Cheongsams.

Where: 38 Cochrane Street, Central

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