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Causeway Bay Shopping

Where to Shop in Causeway Bay


Hong Kong, China. Times Square shopping centre.
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Causeway Bay shopping is probably Hong Kong’s most intense shopping experience. Nowhere are more shops and more people squeezed together than the maze of streets in Causeway Bay. Boasting, the city’s biggest department store in SOGO and one of the biggest malls in Times Square, as well as endless avenues of individual boutiques and market stalls, if you can’t find it here you won’t find it anywhere.

Even if you’re not planning to shop till you drop, the crowds, the noise and the neon all make it worth a visit with your camera. Check out our Profile of Causeway Bay for more information on the area, including how to get there, or our Top Five Shopping Areas in Hong Kong for more shopping hotspots.

Where to Shop in Causeway Bay

  • Yee Woo street, at the intersection with Great George Street and Jardine’s Bazaar, is the areas navigational centre.

  • Fashion Walk, a street of hip shops and boutiques dedicated to local fashion designers and trends. Fashion Walk is along Kingston Street. The area tends to cater to a young but fashionable crowd, although there are shops there to suit all tastes. The Island Beverley Centre on George Street also holds hundreds of independent retailers.

  • Spread out over thirteen floors, SOGO(Yee Woo Road) is Hong Kong’s biggest department store and a local institution. The Japanese retailer is at the pricier end of the market, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to dig out a bargain. They sell everything from shoes and handbags to electrical appliances.

  • The area’s main shopping mall and one of the biggest in Hong Kong is Times Square (Russel Street). Boasting 16 floors and 230 shops, the mall holds a useful mix of mid-priced local and international brands. It also has some excellent food options on its upper floors and a cinema attached.

  • Lee Gardens and Lee Gardens Two (Yun Pin Road) are a pair of relatively small, high end malls that house many luxury shops.

  • Jardine’s Bazaar and Jardine’s Crescent are packed with budget clothes shops, with the latter also boasting a small market.
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