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When Are the Hong Kong Shopping Sales?

The Inside Track on Hong Kong's Sales Seasons


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When are the Hong Kong shopping sales? Looking around town at the glowing neon advertisements and 50% off signs, you’d think that the Hong Kong shopping sales were permanently on - they aren’t. There are, however, a couple of dedicated seasonal sales, below is the essential information on when and where.

The main shopping season embraces Christmas in late December, but really gets going in the run up to the Chinese New Year in February. Here you’ll see plenty of sales signs, slashed prices and two for one offers, it’s also worth looking our for vouchers in the red lai see packages traditionally given out by stores in the run up to New Year. Sales are mostly to be found in Hong Kong’s malls and the more upmarket boutiques and designer stores, markets in Hong Kong and mom and pop stores don’t usually get involved.

The more serious sales season falls in the summer (July-August) and are now complimented by a dedicated Hong Kong Tourism Board festival. Sales signs sweep through the city, vouchers are piled up in malls and shops open their doors for a few extra hours at night, until at least 10pm. Major discounts of 50% plus, particularly on end of season fashion items, can easily be picked up.

Look out for stores showing the Hong Kong Shopping Festival sign, and you should sniff out a bargain. The Tourism Board also issues a yearly guide and a wedge of coupons that can help you save a few dollars.

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