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Where to Buy Tea in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a great place to buy tea and you'll find everything here from cut price oolongs to exclusive pu-eerh's aimed squarely at collectors rather than your cup.

There are many types of tea, ways of preparation, mixes and infusions, but don't feel daunted, there is none of the snobbery that dominates wine or cigar buying, for example. Most Hong Kong tea shops have owners who enjoy a full blown love affair with a good cup of leaves and who are almost always eager to walk you through the options and pick a blend perfect for you. If they're not, you should find another shop.

There are hundreds of tea shops in Hong Kong. We've tried to provide a list of locations where English is spoken and where the staff are generally prepared to deal with the tea novice.While you can buy tea to take away in all of the shops below the true experience is in the sit down tea ceremony

Ming Cha

  • One of the best tea shops in the city, Ming Cha is an excellent first stop for visitors who may be intimidated by the creaking shelves, shadowy corners and big moustaches at Hong Kong's more traditional tea houses. One of the first modern tea shops in the city, Ming Cha is manned by a crew of knowledgable and friendly staff, and while the selection here isn't as impressive as elsewhere, Ming Cha does stock gift packs and light teas that are ideal for first timers. Ming Cha on the web.

The Best Tea Shop

  • Run by 'Mr Chan', one of Hong Kong's foremost authorities on cooking up a good brew, the Best Tea Shop is a chain of unpretentious but quality tea houses and shops that supply tea for some of the city's finest, five star hotels. The selection of tea here is incredible, with endless lines of leaves, from newly grown green tea to 30 year aged pu er peeking out from behind the dark wooden counter. They also ship their teas broad. The Best Tea Shop on the web.

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