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PS3 in Hong Kong

Price Advice and Where to Buy a PS3 in Hong Kong


Buying a PS3 in Hong Kong is cheaper than most parts of the world, but it isn’t the bargain some people imagine. Be sure to check out the price advice and buying tips below, before you hand over your cash.

Price of a PS3 in Hong Kong

Fortress, which is the city’s answer to Circuit City or Comet, sells a 40GB PS3 for HK$3100 ($399). Better deals can be had at the city’s electronic markets.

Where to Buy a PS3 in Hong Kong

The best place to buy a PS3 in Hong Kong is at the Golden Arcade market in Sham Shui Po. The arcade is next door to the Sham Shui Po MTR and made up of hundreds of independent retailers. You should be prepared to bargain, although not excessively and look to get some games or accessories thrown in.

Before You Buy

The tips below are based on the opinions of people who have bought a PS3 in Hong Kong and taken it back to either the US or Europe. Please let us know if you have a differing opinion, and why.

  • PS3s in Hong Kong come fitted with a standard three prong, British plug. Other users will require an adaptor.
  • PS3 games are not region encoded, so you will be able to play games from your home country on the system.
  • Most games sold in Hong Kong are in the Chinese language, so unless you’ve been taking language classes, it’ll be tough to negotiate the menus, let alone the game.
  • Almost all games sold in Hong Kong are on the PAL format, not NTSC.
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