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Sai Kung Photo Tour


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Stroll Along the Promenade
Sai Kung Photo Tour

Sai Kung Promenade

Rory Boland

Most visitors to the town head straight for the seafront promenade which is perfect for strolling in the sun (in warmer weather than above) and offers views out over the bay and onto the town’s bustling port. The promenade’s pier is where you can pick up a ferry or hail a kaido to whisk you away to a secluded beach or take you to the Kau Sai Chau public golf course.

There are number of scheduled kaidos from Sai Kung, which basically head for there destination when the boat is full. Popular spots include Kiu Tsui Chau for its golden beaches or the tiny fishing village on Yim Tin Tsai. Be sure to ask, or if, as is likely, no one speaks English, have them write down the time the Kaido will return. Kaidos are also available for private rental, but expect to pay upwards of $100 for the day.

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