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Daily Life in Hong Kong


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High Life Living in Hong Kong Skyscrapers
Daily Life in Hong Kong

Apartment Building in Hong Kong

Rory Boland

Daily life in Hong Kong starts in the apartment. Hong Kong is not a big place and living space is in short supply. Almost all Hong Kongers, therefore, live in high rise residential flats, ranging in height from twenty to forty floors and higher. Most mid-range building are slotted in together in massive developments meaning the view out of your window is usually of another building.

These apartments are box sized, with the average coming in at roughly 50 sq meters. This small space is one of the reasons Hong Kongers spend so much time out of their home, eating with friends, walking and hiking and of course at work. One of the positive aspects of this compact space on daily life in Hong Kong, is that families tend to be very close, well, you'd have to be.

The scaffolding running around the side of the building is bamboo, used by Hong Kong's builders to build, and in this case, renovate buildings. This building is in Western District, the oldest in the city.

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