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Cheap Eats and a Few Suprises


Hong Kong is famed for it's Cantonese food, whose core elemnt is its freshness. The discerning Hong Kong public likes it's meat, and in paticular it's seafood, to go from slaughter to the plate in less than 24 hours. To make this happen, Hong Kong has a variety of food markets in most neighbourhoods. These markets sell both fresh meat and freshly caught seafood. Seafood and most poultry is kept live, and once you choose your victim, he will be disptached to meet his maker with a club to the head - not for the faint of heart. Seafood bought at the markets is almost universally excellent, however be wary of meat, as you will see from the pictures, storage is neither refrigerated or hygenic. These pictures were taken in Central, on the streets between Wellington Road and Hollywood Road.
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Hong Kong Food Market SceneButchers BarteringSeafood SelectionBest from Below the Sea
Fish. A Cantonese FavouriteFriendly Fishmonger
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