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Dragon Airlines Hong Kong

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Dragon Airlines Hong Kong

Dragon Airlines in Full Flight

Courtesy of Dragon Airlines Hong Kong

Dragon Airlines Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s highly successful flag carrier, Cathay Pacific, and only behind its big-brother owner in size, as Hong Kong’s second biggest airline.

China has been less than inviting in allowing international airlines access to its airspace, leaving international travelers with the choice of flying into Shanghai or Beijing, or flying on bone-rattling Tupolevs, cutting costs, both budget wise and on your life expectancy. Dragon Airlines Hong Kong has been fundamental in opening up the Chinese interior to international travelers, including some of the countries most spectacular sights, and all a budget price.

The airline has picked up six ‘Best Airline in China’ awards, all though the competition is less than rigorous, Dragon’s level of service is decent. As a short hail carrier facilities and service is at the budget end of the scale.

Get the Best From Dragon Airlines Hong Kong

Dragon is very much geared towards Hong Kong’s many eager travelers, this means many of the airlines best deals are at the weekend, when they offer some excellent hotel, flight combinations. If you can book well ahead of time, a month at least, 3 day, 2 night deals can be found for less than $250.

Fly to Shanghai or Beijing

Dragon is generally the cheapest way to reach China’s biggest cities from Hong Kong, however you may want to look into flying from the nearby Shenzhen Airport, which offers some excellent connections, often at bargain basement prices. There are also excellent deals via Viva Macau airlines in Macau.

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