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Where to Buy Hong Kong Sevens Tickets

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Where to Buy Hong Kong Sevens Tickets

Dragon Dance at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Courtesy of the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union

If you want to buy Hong Kong sevens tickets, you’ve come to the right place. We’re not going to try and sell them to you, but we will give you some honest, independent advice on where to buy the tickets.

The Hong Kong Sevens take place in March at Hong Kong Stadium, Causeway Bay – you can find out more about the actual event in our Hong Kong Sevens guide. It’s a 3 day event and tickets are usually snapped up sometime in January in a public sale – although there is always potential to pick up premium priced tickets closer to the event and even on the day itself. Every year it is always a sold out event.

Where to Buy Hong Kong Sevens Tickets – if you’re in Hong Kong

If you’re in Hong Kong, you’re first port of call should be the official Hong Kong Sevens website. It’s here that they will announce the date for the public sale of tickets.

Tickets in Hong Kong are first distributed to rugby club members, friends of the club and sponsors as well as too participating teams – the remaining tickets are then put on public sale. The public sale is usually massively oversubscribed so you’ll need to act quickly. In recent years it has been held by cityline.hk. In 2012 the price of a 3 day ticket was HK$1,500.

If you’ve missed out on the public sale, there are still options available to you.

Sponsers – Thousands of tickets are handed out to sponsors – many of whom have no intention of taking up their full allocation. Ask around and see if friends – especially those in the banking industry – can get hold of spare tickets at work. Clubs are also excellent sources for tickets.

Resale – Many people buy up tickets only to resell them on. It’s a desperate practice that drives up prices of tickets but it’s a problem for the HKRU to solve rather than average fans who year after year struggle to get tickets. Asiaxpat and geoexpat are the best sites to check out in the run up to the event to look for resale tickets. Remember, don’t send any money in advance.

Premium Ticket Sites – At least a handful of sites, such as Viagogo, manage to get their hands on a pile of tickets each year. They sell them at a mark up, although it’s preferable to the often sky high prices charged by touts. Be selective and only, ONLY, use trusted ticket sales websites.

On the day – Despite the horror stories, there are always tickets on the day down at the stadium – either from hungover expats or dedicated touts. The touts will rip you off – fact – with prices rollercoasting with demand, but if you’re willing to stump up double the face value you should be able to get a ticket.

Where to Buy Hong Kong Sevens Tickets – if you’re in the UK

For those in the UK, buying Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets can be easier than in Hong Kong – although not cheaper. Most tickets are sold by travel agents as part of a hotel and flight package with prices for four days anywhere from 800-1000 pounds and upwards.

It’s worth mentioning that these package tours can be range from boisterous to downright naughty and expect your fellow journeymen to like a can of lager or two.

While we don’t have any experience in using them and so can’t recommend them, two long term travel agent names associated with Hong Kong Sevens packages are Gulliver Travel and England Rugby Travel.

Where to Buy Hong Kong Sevens Tickets – if you’re in Australia

The same deal applies, if you’re in Australia. Tickets are generally sold in package tours to the city. Try Sportstours or We Love Rugby for prices and availability.

Of course, if all else fails, go and watch the games amidst the madness of Wan Chai's bars.
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