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Chinese New Year Horoscopes - Guide to Chinese New Year Horoscopes

What Does the Year of the Horse Hold For You?


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Your Chinese New Year horoscope can define everything over the next 12 months, from job prospects and your love life, to stock market tips and what color socks to wear. Hong Kongers, generally being a superstitious bunch, put a lot of stock in their Chinese New Year horoscopes, and often use them to plan the year ahead. Sceptics should consider taking a look at our Famous Stars Born in the Chinese New Year of the Horse and see if the mystics and crystal ball holders have the likes of Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong and Jennifer Lawrence pegged right.

Chinese horoscopes are determined by the year you were born, with each year represented by an animal. Below is a light hearted look at what the wise old men say is in store for the Year of the Horse.

If you're interested in finding out more about Chinese New Year, see our Chinese New Year guide where we reveal the traditions and superstitions that surround the celebrations for the Year of the Horse. Not sure which sign you are? Use our Chinese zodiac guide to match your birth date to the correct sign.



Head for the sewers and batten down the hatches. The horse is no friend of the rat and 2014 looks like the year they call in the boys from rento-kill. There will be arguments at home and plenty of Pied Pipers at work,, who’ll make all the right sounds but ultimately take you for a long walk off a short bridge. Rats are smart and resourceful so be conservative with your money and your affections and you should avoid getting your tail snapped in any traps. 


There are ups and downs for the cow in 2014 but you’ll need to make considered decisions throughout the year to avoid being milked.  You’re strength, loyalty and commitment to hard work are all enviable attributes but don’t let yourself be treated like cattle. Be less docile and more bullish about what you want and surround yourself with family and friends who make you feel confident. Stand out from the rest of the livestock and you’ll find a herd of suitors looking to take you for a waltz around the farmyard. 


2013 has probably left you looking like something the cat dragged in; you couldn’t spend a day on the savannah without some opportune hunter trying to turn you into a rug. But cats have seven lives and this year promises to be a good one. Don’t waste your time settling old scores. Who wants to be a hellcat when you can be a fat cat? It’s a fantastic year for new opportunities and if you sink your teeth into the right business or relationship you’ll be purring like the cat that got the cream. 


You’re likely to be hopped off your feet in 2014 but keep your energy levels up and you’ll find it’s a fantastic year for getting ahead. If you’re stuck on rabbit food at work then this is the year to grab any opportunities by the ears - any hard work won’t go unrewarded and you should be able to stack up the carrots. Those looking for someone to share their bed of hay with will need to be calmer.  You’re passionate, but hareing around from one partner to the next will only bring heartbreak. 


You’re likely to feel a little lethargic in the year of the horse but shake off your urge to crawl up in your cave and sleep and you should be able to add to your pile of gold. It’s a fantastic year for adventure. Spread your wings and head for fairytale lands and you’re sure to make new friends and find old relationships and friendships rekindled. You’ve got plenty of fire in your belly but use your natural charm and wit rather than your BBQing skills to fight off any Lancelot love rivals and the damsel in distress should be yours. 


It’s a year of snakes and ladders but if you can avoid the pitfalls there is plenty of potential in 2014.  Not every opportunity is worth pursuing but choose when to strike wisely and you’ll catch the prey you’ve been stalking. There will be set backs but avoid the temptation to slide under the nearest rock and deal with them head on. Snakes aren’t the most sociable animal in the jungle but many are envious of your determination and strength. Shed your skin a little and you should make new friends at work and play.

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