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October in Hong Kong

October Events and Weather in Hong Kong


Possibly one of the best months to visit Hong Kong, the city’s legendary humidity is low, and the skies are clear and blue, while the constant sunshine makes October in Hong Kong the perfect month to explore the city. Many Hong Kongers consider October and November as Hong Kong’s summer months, as the temperature gauge dips, filling Hong Kong’s beaches and hiking trails. October in Hong Kong is also full of wildlife, as the northern hemispheres birds take a breather on their way to warmer climes in the south.

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    Average High 80F (27C) Average Low 73F (23C)

    Residents and tourists can rejoice as the Hong Kong humidity plummets, meaning everybody can go outside again. Although the humidity has gone, the clear blue skies means plenty of sunshine and almost no rainfall.

    What to Wear

    • Sandals will make strolling about more pleasant, while breathable walking shoes for those who want to enjoy the more adventurous side of the Hong Kong outdoors is recommended.
    • A light sweater is useful as everywhere in Hong Kong is air conditioned, often like a fridge
    • Light cotton T-Shirts.

    Need to Know

    • October is luckily free of clouds, this can mean intense sun, for which it's advisable to prepare for with sun cream and cap, even when outdoors for twenty minutes, or more.
    • If traveling to the countryside, bring mosquito repellent and walking shoes, as well as plenty of bottled water
  • October is one of Hong Kong's main conference months, when thousands of delegates descend on the territory. This means many of the city’s hotels are quickly filled up and it's recommended to book as far ahead as you can

    October Pros

    • The sea in October is warm and on average reaches a very pleasant 28C and the ideal time to visit the Hong Kong Beaches.
    • The humidity finally starts to relent, making it possible to explore Hong Kong's fantastic outdoors again
    • With the outdoors open again to visitors, you can see some of Hong Kong's spectacular wildlife, The New territories and Wetland Park are a regular Safari of birds and beasts.
    • The almost complete lack of rain makes October one of the best months to explore Hong Kong

    October Cons

    • Many conferences can drive hotel prices up, and make finding a place to lay your head difficult

    October Events

    • 1st October National Day Celebrate the 58th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, with a massive fireworks display over Victoria Harbor.
    • 27th October – 17th November Hong Kong Oktoberfest A now annual event in Hong Kong, the Marco Polo hotel turns a whole floor into a German beer and food festival to match that happening in Munich at the same time.
    • 31st October Both Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park will be hosting American style extravaganzas to mark the spookiest day of the year.
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