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Top Bars in Hong Kong


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Bulldogs Bar and Grill - Beer by the Bucketful
At 38ft long, Bulldogs boasts the longest bar in town.

A Busy Night in Bulldogs Bar and Grill

Picture Courtesy of Bulldogs Bar and Grill

Best For – Drunken Antics

A traditional British/Australian pub, Bulldogs could have been lifted straight from London or Sydney, and as such attracts hordes of men looking for a slice of home and beer by the bucketful. A cavernous interior, holds crowds looking for a one-way ticket to drunkenness. Bulldogs boast a wide selection of European and Australian lagers and also screen major sporting events, including Aussie sports. Their selection of British and Australian pub food is some of the best in the city and well-worth trying.

G/F., 17 Lan Kwai Fong
Central, Hong Kong
Tel:2523 3528

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