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List of Airlines Offering In Town Check in at Hong Kong Station and Instructions


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In Town Check in at Hong Kong Station can save you both time and stress, allowing you to check-in well ahead of your flight, sometimes up to a full day, and dump your luggage, meaning you don’t need to hump it all the way to the airport. Below you’ll find both a list of airlines offering in town check in at Hong Kong station and instructions on how to use it.

Instructions for In Town Check-In at Hong Kong Station

To check in at Hong Kong station you need to arrive a minimum of ninety minutes before you’re flight. You will be required to buy either a single ticket for the Airport Express or use your Octopus card to access the check-in area. Here, you check in as normal at your airlines check in desk, collecting your boarding card and depositing your luggage. The check-in agent should also inform you about the last Airport Express train that you may take to connect with your flight time at the airport. Once at the airport you can proceed straight to security and immigration. In Town check in is available from 5:30a.m. until 00:30am..

List of Airlines Offering In Town Check in at Hong Kong Station

All airlines flying from Hong Kong airport offer In Town check in, apart from the following.

  • Air Philippines
  • Angel Air
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Jetstar Asia Airlines
  • Oriental Thai
  • Pakistan International
  • Transaero
  • Turkish Airlines

    Some airlines also offer check-in up to twenty four hours before your flight. These are as follows

    • Aeroflot
    • Cathay Pacific Airways
    • China Airlines
    • Dragonair
    • Mandarin Airlines
    • Qantas Airways
    • Singapore Airlines
    • South African Airways
    • Swiss International Airlines
    • Thai Airways International PCL
    • Vietnam Airlines
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